marketing is simple yet hard

Growing a business is a lot like raising a baby.

NURSE: If a baby cries, it’s simple – 

(A) Is she sick?
(B) Is it time to change the diaper?
(C) Is she hungry?

If none of the above, then…

(D) She probably wants to cuddle

Yeah, it’s simple… but any parent will tell you that reading a baby’s mind is THE hardest thing in the world.

It’s the same for marketing.

On the surface, it’s simple – 

Presenting the right OFFER to the right MARKET using the right MESSAGE at the right TIMING. (only 4 key variables)

But to get it right…

You’ll have to go through months of trial and error to find the perfect combination. And that’s why when I work with a new client, I always ask:

“Is this a proven offer? (do you have any testimonials)”

Because this helps us eliminate two variables – offer and market – so we can focus on dialing in the message. (we’ll solve the timing problem automatically when we build an Email Profit Engine)


If you have a solid offer… and are ready to scale your business with the right MESSAGE… let’s cuddle…


Wrong CTA.

Let’s talk 🙂


Cheering for you,