marketing is NOT all about the words (aka “copy”) – by an email copywriter

Here’s a day in the life of new parents:

  • The baby starts crying
  • You feed her
  • You pat to get the burps out
  • You change diaper
  • You change the diaper again… because she pooed during the change
  • You carry her around for 15 minutes till she falls asleep
  • You put her down in the crib
  • She starts struggling
  • She wakes up after 15 minutes
  • (repeat everything for 8-12 times)

Well, here’s something people don’t tell you about parenting – 

It’s important to take as many cute photos of your baby as possible.

No, it’s not for “documenting” anything…

It’s because you need the cuteness to recharge… and stop yourself from giving the baby to the wolves.


Anyhoo, let’s make an awkward transition into…

Here’s something people don’t tell you about marketing:

Marketing is not all about the words (aka “copy”).

Writing the draft is less than 50% of the job.

The rest?

It’s about communication.

Understanding (and empathizing) with your clients.

No, most of them are not trying to be a jerk. They’re simply anxious about the result because they have bills to pay.

This is the thing most “copywriting” or “freelancer” courses don’t talk about. Because it’s not as sexy as “making 6-figures in 3 weeks while surfing all day.”


Here’s my secret weapon:

Angie Colee

The communication queen that I should have reached out to much earlier.

I had one call with her…

And it transforms how I run meetings with my clients moving forward.

That’s all for today – an unpaid testimonial.

I’m a terrible copywriter because I don’t have a good CTA today. 🤪

But if you’re not happy with your email revenue… and you want to work with someone who cares enough about better communication (so much that I’m willing to hire a coach to help me)… then reach out 👇

Cheering for you,