Act 5 – Three Unexpected Bonuses


Sure, we all need more traffic, customers, and profit.

But what we really want is – Control.

Control means building a business without a big team, massive overheads, or working 14 hours a day. 

Control means avoiding the frenzy social media hamster wheel – and the cash flow roller coaster.

Control means being able to scale with predictable revenue sources without 100% relying on traffic we don’t own.

Now, imagine having that control.

How would that feel?

When you know, next month will be better than this.

For now, just let that sink in. Down the road, I’ll show you how Email World Building can help you achieve that goal.


Greek philosopher Archimedes said, “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”


If you want to scale your e-Commerces… and you don’t want to spend more on advertising… then leverage is your friend.

Imagine two businesses starting with the same advertising budget.

But one business can consistently generate five times more customers than its competitor (using Email World Building).

This means the business can…

  • Take home more profit…
  • Invest more back into marketing…
  • And grow much (much) faster!

Continue this cycle for over a year?

The difference is night and day.

(BTW, leverage is one of the THREE most important concepts regarding email marketing. I’ll share the other two in my newsletter 😉)

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Lower Risk

As an entrepreneur, we are natural risk-takers.

But that doesn’t mean we should take unnecessary risks.

Here are one of those risks:

“If Facebook (or whichever advertising platform you use) shuts down your account today – how long will your e-commerce survive?”

This risk is very real… and may happen anytime.

To give you a real-world nightmare example:

  • The above account was restricted (“banned”) on Jan 16, 2021.
  • The reason provided by Facebook was, “We’ve reviewed some of your ads again and determined that they don’t comply with our Advertising Policies.”

But the only problem is…

This ad account has NOT been active for the past two years!

In fact, the last active campaign – which was approved by Facebook at the time – was in August 2019… and the ad STOPPED RUNNING on August 11, 2019.

After that, the owner turned off all the ads and stopped using Facebook advertising for the next 1.5 years…

(Maybe that was the REAL reason Zuckerberg was angry?)

Yet the account was banned for no reason… and shut down forever.

No appeal allowed.

Update: The owner tried – for the second time – to submit for appeal in August 2023. But he couldn’t even click the button that says, “Submit for Review.”

Some people will claim, “This will only happen on Facebook because… Zuckerburg is ANTI-free speech. But this will NEVER happen to…

Twit…. Huh… X!!

Or TikTok!”


A quick Google Search will show you:

Now, I’m not saying these to scare you. 

All I want to say is – the same things are happening in EVERY social media platform. Because that’s the “natural lifecycle” of social media platforms.

This is a topic I’ll talk more about in future newsletters. For now…

Just understand that relying on social media platforms to grow and sustain your business is like building a castle on sand.

You have no idea when the wave will take everything away.

(Image generated by MidJourney.)

This brings us back to email.

Email is a protocol that’s part of the FOUNDATION of the Internet. It’s not a corporate-owned platform like Facebook, Google, or YouTube.

(This is why every social media platform still requires an email to create your account. They only trust email, too. lol)

Email marketing has no owner.

Not even the government.

This means you own the assets – the list, the automations, and, most importantly, the relationship you build. With a click of a button, you can reach your prospects at almost no cost…

…in a split second

…whenever you have something to offer!

And that circles back to the CONTROL we desperately want.

(Actually, there’s a 4th benefit. But I’m saving this for subscribers, too 😝)

Moving Forward, What’s Next…

Thank you for reading this far. I understand that there’s nothing more valuable than your time and attention.

So far, we’ve covered the 30,000’ View of building an Email Profit Engine.

But you might find it a bit conceptual and hard to implement (for now)…

And that’s why I want to invite you deeper into MY WORLD.

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