Act 4 – Email World Building

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Imagine you’re reading your favorite series…

It can be Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, A Song of Ice and Fire, Dune, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, or Twilight. 

The genre doesn’t matter.

What matters is the emotional connection and the desire to keep reading.

Because all great series will take you on a journey… 

  • Introducing a new world,
  • Creating excitement,
  • Suspending your curiosity,
  • Building tensions,
  • Surprising you with twists and turns,
  • Making you fall in love with the characters,
  • And leaving you craving, “What happens next?!”

Read that again. 

Because that, my friend, is the ultimate secret of email marketing.

If you want to create better prospects… and encourage them to stay on your list longer… you want to build a world that’s interesting to stay in.

A world that says, “People like us believe in values like these.”

A world that is so attractive to the right prospects that it PULLS them in effortlessly.

When you’ve done this correctly, turning prospects into customers is no longer an battle uphill, but instead, a result that feels inevitable.

Just like these e-Commerces:

& Other Stories

FOND Bone Broth

Carnivore Snax


Perennial Pastures Ranch

Saddleback Leather

All of them are building their own world – one message at a time.

But creating better prospects isn’t the only benefit.

More importantly, Email World Building satisfies three core business needs:

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