An Open Invitation To E-Commerces Who Want to Create Customers for Life

From: My Desk in Taiwan
Time: Monday, 05:38 p.m.
Date: Aug 25, 2023

Hi, Wuyen here.

What I’m about to share with you is my observation – from working “in the trench” as a marketing consultant and copywriter for slightly over eight years.

At first, it might sound weird…

…even a bit crazy. 

But the more you read, the clearer it’ll sound.

I promise. 

Let the adventure begin!

Act 1 – A Change Is Coming

(Image generated by MidJourney.)

Imagine a bunch of small boulders sitting on the edge of a steep hill.

A slight nudge could easily send one of the rocks rolling downhill.

But most of the time…

The boulder will hit a new flat, and nothing happens. Yet – 

Every once in a while…

A boulder will gain enough momentum to set off a chain reaction, leading to an overwhelming and unstoppable force (a landslide) that alters the landscape forever.

This is how changes happen.

It starts small, unnoticeable.

But when it ignites a movement, it becomes unstoppable.

This has happened in various industries in the past few decades – including cars, telephones, cameras, film, and retail… 

Now, this is happening in the email marketing world.

The “traditional” method (plus the “I just don’t give a damn about relationship” mindset) is like a castle built on sand. 

Unsteady. Risky. And outdated.

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