Huffing and puffing…

I wiped the sweat from my face and looked up…

“150 steps to go 💪

I was making my way up to secure a spot at the observation deck.

It wasn’t super hard – only ~350 stairs. 😮‍💨

But it was particularly “annoying.”

Because the whole trail was occupied by tourists who insisted on walking on the right side…

(Now, if you’ve been to Japan before, you know they’re one of the right-hand drive countries. This means you’re supposed to walk/drive on the left side.)

So, I had two options:

1) Do what I know is right and go against the crowd, or…

2) Blend in the crowd and ignore courtesy in Japan.

How would you pick?

While I’m not a social justice warrior, I like to respect local culture.

So, I took my stand and stayed on the left side.

Sure, this might not be a big deal…

But there was a decision to be made…

And that’s life.

We face hundreds of choices every day.

And, to make things harder, a lot of times, there isn’t a “right answer.”

(If you’re trying to build a business, the difficulty will multiply 10-fold.)

To deal with the challenges:

Understand your value.

Make prompt decisions.

And take action.

But, most importantly…

Focus on what actually happens, not what might happen. (Giving credit: I first heard this line from Shiv Shetti, one of my mentors)

This will help you propel forward without stagnating and procrastinating.

Let’s all for today. Not even a CTA (I’m a bad marketer 😛)

Flying back to Taiwan tonight.

Time to make use of all my “extra” luggage space.