Klaviyo strikes again

A month ago, Klaviyo made the announcement:

“We’ll be rolling out professional email marketing services.”

This pissed off a bunch of marketers who felt betrayed…

So, like all good politicians, Klaviyo apologized to their loyal users and retracted the service…




When has that ever happened?

Instead –

Klaviyo updated that they’ll start charging for all “active” profiles. (even if you’re not emailing them)

And the community went wild!

This reaction blew my mind.

Because it’s like…

Most e-commerces have zero idea what an email list is for.

Look –

If you’re not emailing your list regularly… and making sales with your emails… then why bother collecting the list?

The worst thing you can do is:

Build a list, go quiet, and blast your whole list around Christmas.

^^A guaranteed way to get s.p.a.m complaints^^

Instead –

  • Scrub your list every 3-4 months 
  • Write your emails like how I teach them
  • Email regularly (4-7 times a week)

And you won’t have to worry about how Klaviyo charges your account.

Because your list will become your most profitable asset.

(if you need help, you know where to find me)

Cheering for you,