It’s not your prospect’s responsibility

A few days ago…

My wife and I went to a department store anniversary sale.

We came across a super cute dinosaur-style pillow.

It had a unique night green color – a yellowish green that reminded you of the forest at night under a dim gaslight. Two dark little eyes that look at you like a puppy…

And when you touch it…

It’s super soft, like caressing a British Shorthair.

Without much hesitation, we decided to buy one.

The problem was…

The store didn’t have any new ones in stock.

We were heading for Japan this Saturday, so we asked if we could pick it up when we were back – a week later.

The clerk said no…

But promised us that the next shipment would be tomorrow.

She then told us, “It won’t be here until later in the afternoon… so we’ll make sure to call you when it arrives, and you can come pick it up.👌”

And we waited…

…for three days!!

No one called. No one texted.

Nada. Nothing. Zero.

It was like we got s.c.a.m.m.e.d…

Well, yesterday night, we called the number on the receipt to ask about the status, only to receive this response:

“Oh… Give me a minute. I’ll look for the receipt and call you back.”

15 minutes later…

We had to reach out again because there was still NO CALL!

At this point, we were (rightfully) a bit furious.

Especially when she told us, “Yeah… I didn’t call because I couldn’t find your receipt stub. So we don’t know if you want to pick it up or ship it…”

Really?! So, you decided NOT to call at all??

(If we hadn’t paid for it already, we would have given up. 😒)


After a lot of back-and-forth…

We finally picked up the pillow yesterday.

But we had to go to the department store – on a rainy day – because they wouldn’t even ship it for us (when it was clearly their mistake 😑).

Why am I sharing this with you?

Imagine if we didn’t pay for it already…

For every prospect who’s willing to follow up, there are at least 10 times more who gave up.

As a business owner, following up more… and staying top-of-mind… is a low-hanging fruit to destroy your competitors.

And you know what’s the easiest (and cheapest) way?

Sending more emails!

Statistically, 99% of people check their inbox daily… with some individuals checking up to 20 times a day!

So, it’s a much more effective way than buying more ads.

Okay. Like I said, we’re flying tomorrow.

Lot of things I need to take care of before I leave.

Talk soon,

BTW – I’ll be out of town with no computer for the next 1~2 weeks. So, I’ll probably be emailing a lot less.