Is ChatGPT nothing but bullshit?

Last week, a great copywriter shared an article with me:

“Recently, there has been considerable interest in large language models: machine learning systems which produce human-like text and dialogue. Applications of these systems have been plagued by persistent inaccuracies in their output; these are often called “AI hallucinations”. We argue that these falsehoods, and the overall activity of large language models, is better understood as bullshit…”

– from ChatGPT is bullshit by Michael Townsen Hicks
(shared by Colin Theriot)

In this article, the author argued that LLM – like ChatGPT – is either: 

1) producing text/speech with zero concern for its truth (soft bullshit);


2) giving the impression of concern for truth to mislead the audience – by design (hard bullshit).

In my experience, this is painfully accurate.

AI – a large language model – works by gathering massive amounts of information from the Internet and imitating the “human pattern” using probability.

The problem is in the source.

The damn Internet is full of bullshit already.

Things that only make sense under specific context… or worse… things that will never make sense. Yet…

ChatGPT does not think, know, or understand.

Therefore, it will always take words by the words…

…without considering the context.

But, my friend, CONTEXT is everything.

It’s why most businesses “swipe” their competitors’ ad/email creative… and fail miserably.

(And it’s also the reason why I don’t like “templates.” They’re over-used, boring… and lack context.)

At the end of the day, marketing is simple.

You capture your audience’s attention.

You present a compelling argument to keep reading.

You sell them on the “next step.”

(pro tip: the next step for email marketing is NEVER “buy now”)

But to do this – you must start with the context of your audience. 

What do they fear?

What do they desire?

What do they identify themselves with?

What are the things in their mind…as they toss around in their bed at 2 am?

These answers require a deep understanding of human psychology, which AI fails at. So…

The next time a copywriter (or agency, or Klaviyo) presents you with a “new AI solution,” be wary.

In most cases, it’s simply bullshit served on a silver plate.

Cheering for you,

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