if you’re advertising on FB, keep reading

Recently, I saw a big name sharing his nightmare experience with FB advertising:

A few months ago, he noticed some strange little charges on his Amex credit card from FACEBK.

$2… $5… $7… $35… $5…


But a lot.

The weirdest part?

These charges weren’t showing up inside his ad manager.

So, he contacted FB.

The customer support acknowledged that the charges had nothing to do with his account… and they have no idea why/how this was happening…

YET – 

It will take up to 8 WEEKS to resolve this problem.

(sounds like a fraud?)

So, he started asking around.

It turns out that many people were also getting these secret charges.

(yeah, this is definitely a fraud)

Some added up to an outrageous amount of 70k!

(and, yet, still no class action lawsuit)

This shows how little FB cares about your business

…even when you’re paying for their service.

Because this is worse than banning your account for no reason. This is stealing directly from your wallet.


If you’re running any FB ads, here’s what you should do next.

  1. Go check out your credit card statement.

(most cases seem to be with AMEX, but check nonetheless)

  1. Start planning a new acquisition channel for your business

I’m not saying you should give up FB immediately.

But you want to have more than one leg for your business.

Cheering for you,

P.S. – Every business should have three legs.

Paid traffic.

Earned traffic.

Owned traffic.

If you rely on FB for paid traffic, you want to install a system that can generate “owned traffic” in 2024 & beyond.

And the best choice?

Your email list.

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