I think I’ve awakened a superpower

Yesterday, my wife and I went on a stroll after dinner.

(We love these small walks. It’s like our mini-date.)

But the second we stepped out the door, it started drizzling.


When we left the arcade and stepped outside…


It started pouring.


I think I’ve awakened some annoying superpowers.

I can make it rain just by going outside…

Maybe that’s the reason why it’s always raining when I go camping?

(Seriously, I’ve been to a dozen or so camping trips, and I’ve only been able to pack a dry tent maybe 4 times.)

Bad news: You probably don’t want to go camping with me.

Good news: I can also help make it rain in the right place…

Your business.

Using my other superpower, “Story-Powered Email Marketing.”

Making it rain for you,