I hate productivity advice

Gurus love to share their “perfect day.”

  • How they wake up at 5 am for meditation
  • How they work on ruthless Pomodoro cycles
  • How they refuse meetings before 14:00 (and never on Mon & Fri)
  • How they don’t answer emails before 16:00
  • How they hate all social media apps (yet remain omnipresent)
  • How they get 8+ hours of sleep every day

Sure, all of these sound great on paper…

But the truth is – most gurus making these productivity claims either: 

1) have no children; 

2) abandon all child-care responsibilities to their partner; 

(imagine following these “principles” when you have a 7-day-old newborn needing milk every 4 hours, followed by 1-hour pumping 🙄)

3) are presenting an imaginary day.

Because the reality is – 

Yes, sometimes they wake up at five…

Yes, sometimes they can get 8+ hours of undisturbed sleep…

Yes, sometimes they don’t have to answer any email before 16:00…

But none of these are happening simultaneously… for a long period.

They’re only “showcasing” that one perfect scenario to flex how amazing their life is – to sell you some “lifestyle business course.”

Want proof?

Ask yourself:

If you’re hiring a freelancer (or agency)…

  • Would you be happy if they never answered emails before 16:00 (even during your Black Friday Promo)?
  • Would you be excited if they disappear all the time?
  • Would you acknowledge a delay on the deadline because there weren’t enough “Pomodoro cycles” this week?

No, you wouldn’t.

You’d fire him/her within a month.

And this is the lesson I learned last week:

Life is too unpredictable to maintain any type of “perfect day.”

The best you can do is plan… and improvise.

It’s the same for your email marketing.

When working with my long-term clients, I like to look into the crystal ball and plan 2+ months ahead for any promotional event.

For example:

– I’ve already created (& set up) the Mother’s Day Promo

– I’m planning for Father’s Day Promo NOW!!

– I’ll be planning for Independence Day next month

(…and Black Friday in September)

This gives us enough lead time to properly create, revise, set up, and test the campaigns. Then…

I’ll keep a careful eye on the promotion when it ACTUALLY happens.

This allows me to improvise “on the fly” and turn any challenges, mistakes, feedback, and new testimonials into promotional materials on the spot.

Yes, this might be more work for me…

But it also gives you better results.

That said, if you don’t have a Father’s Day Promo in place yet… it’s time to reach out (👉 https://wuyenhsu.com/free-email-audit).

You don’t want to scramble at the last minute, leaving a bunch on the table.

Cheering for you,