I hate Klaviyo’s email editor

Earlier this week, I was helping a client set up his email campaigns, and this happened:

I open my Gdoc file, copy the words, and paste them into Klaviyo.

“Huh… that’s weird?”

I stare at a blank screen – nothing is showing up.




Instead of copying over my email…

The system duplicates a placeholder paragraph from the template.

I select the duplicate and delete it.

The whole email disappears, leaving only an empty bullet point:

(^^just like this^^)

“Maybe it’s a glitch… let me delete this email and create a new one.”

Doesn’t work.

This time, it lets me update the new email… tells me everything is saved… and then reverts to a blank email with only a personalization tag left:

{{ first_name|title|default:’friend’ }} 

For the next 30 minutes…

It’s like a showcase of “every bug that can happen.”

I wasted 30 minutes trying to copy and paste a single email campaign.


And Klaviyo is supposed to be the “best” email software for e-commerce.


But this was my fault.

I used to have a rule – 

When I build flows and campaigns for clients, I use a strict plain-text style.

Forget about the design.

Ignore the HTML.

Avoid the drag-and-drop editor.

And focus on writing great stories.

This is how I beat the boring “flyers” most brands are sending – because my emails are fun to read… feel genuine… and don’t look like an ad.

But this time, I gave in and allowed the client to request a “pretty template.”

100% my fault.

I’ll do better next time.

Cheering for you,

P.S. – When something is popular, it doesn’t mean it’s good.

🚬 is popular, and it gives you cancer.

🥤 is popular, and it gives you diabetes.

Pretty HTML is popular, and it screams “ADVERTISING.”

So, if you’re open to testing it – see how my plain text story emails can make it rain every month, then reach out at my email “wy<@>wuyenhsu.com“.