“human nature is greedy”… and it’s a good thing

I remember walking into my first Economics class in Uni…

The first lesson my professor taught us was:

“Human nature isn’t good, nor bad. It’s greedy.”

Fame. Wealth. Freedom. Legacy.

We all desire something.

And it’s good because greed creates an incentive to work harder.

Recently, a friend applied to the National Health Insurance Bureau. The application can save her family over $10k monthly in medical bills.

(which is life and death when it comes to long-term care for major injury)

But she waited…

…and waited

…and waited for almost a month!


When she called the National Health Insurance Bureau, they told her:

“Oh, we received your application. The review process hasn’t started yet. I don’t know when the committee will meet.”

Public Servants + Government Agency + Committee = Worst efficiency ever


Because no one in the process has any incentive to improve their performance. Nothing in it for them.

Ironically –

This is similar to how many e-commerce owners search for email talent.

They’ll join a Klaviyo Group and post:

“Hiring: Long Term Freelance Email Marketer Inhouse”


“I need a D2C email marketing freelancer to help me”


“I’m looking for people who know how to do email marketing”

And when freelancers reach out,

The freelancer gets an almost insulting offer of $5/hr – with zero commissions. (come on, that’s lower than the minimum wage 😑)

Think about it: why would any top marketer want to jump on board?

There’s no incentive for quality work.

So, the next time someone complains about how hard it is to find top email talents, ask them:

“Are you playing a fair game when hiring top talents?”

Cheering for you,