how to stand out from your competitors

Recently, I’ve been running market research for a few potential clients…

And I realized that a lot of chocolatiers, winemakers, chefs, and bakery owners have one thing in common:

They all have “traveling the world” on their resume.

I think this is because traveling the world gives them better stories.

You’re no longer the frog in the well – with a limited outlook.

You are the entrepreneur who’s seen the world… and devised a better solution. But what puzzles me is…

While most businesses have paid for a few PR articles…

Very few owners are sharing their stories regularly.

My guess:

Most owners are too close to the problems.

They stop realizing how amazing it is to run and grow a business.

And they stop noticing the stories worth telling.

But your audience wants more from you.

They want to get to know you – like a human being – because, ultimately, humans buy from humans. (not faceless corporations)

And this is why, every month, I like to hop on a quick interview with my clients. To draw out the stories…

And share their amazing experience with their audience.

This way, when your competitors are still sending boilerplate email swipes with nothing but a discount code…

You’ll stand out with your entertaining story-powered emails.

Cheering for you,