how to save your company during a crisis

Today, my mentor – Chris Orzechowski – shared an update from Carnivore Snax ➡️

In short, the Ohio Department of Agriculture shut down Carnivore Snax because the government believes that the company isn’t complying with current studies.

Carnivore Snax fought back by funding and conducting their own research.

Another David vs. Goliath story… 

Except, this time, the Goliath is the government.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit – 

I don’t know who’s right.

Because I don’t have the context, including the actual ruling, the studies, and the science behind everything.

But that’s not why I’m writing this email.

Imagine you’re in a similar situation:

Your store is shut down overnight because of…

A government ruling, a change in law, lobbying, a competitor’s report, an industry-wide food safety event, or…

Maybe even a meteor striking your factory.

Whatever the reason – you’re out of cash flow.

What do you do next?

  • You can pre-sell some products
  • You can ask for a donation
  • You can run a petition


There are several ways you can save your company, yet…

All of them require you to have a following.

More importantly, a following that trusts and supports you during a crisis.

(Technically, you can run an ad campaign if you don’t have the following. But you’re bleeding cash already… so it’s unrealistic.)

And this is why building an email list…

…and constantly nurturing the relationship is so important.

In a bull market, it might be icing on the cake.

But in a bear market… or even a nightmare event like Carnivore Snax… it can be a lifesaver.

So, start growing your list today.

And if you want to nurture the relationship, I can help.

Cheering for you,