how to make your Business invisible

Yesterday, I came across a LinkedIn post that said:

(I’m quoting from memory here)

“The best marketing should be invisible. The goal is to make the product shine but hide the marketing.”

To which I call…


This claim reminds me of a clip from Conan O’Brien’s show:

CONAN: It’s come to my attention recently that on Fridays… for some reason… he (Jordan Schlansky) doesn’t come in until very late.

Checked his watch…

CONAN: It is now 12:20 p.m., no Jordan Schlansky.


CONAN: So, I’m sitting and waiting. Because I want to get to the bottom of – what the F does Jordan do?!

A few moments later…

*Jordan entered the scene*

CONAN: Given that everybody – without fail – that I’ve talked to today has said, “Fire Jordan Schlansky,” I think it’s fair for me to ask you why are you crucial to the functioning of ConanCo? Go.

JORDAN: It’s any producer’s job to make sure the hosts like yourself are freed up to deal with creative issues and don’t have to get bogged down in the mire of production difficulties.

*took a quick breath*

JORDAN: If I do my job well, you’ll never know about it.

CONAN: So… when you’re performing at your highest capacity, I don’t notice you. Is that what you’re saying?

JORDAN: *nodded* That’s correct.

CONAN: But also… if you weren’t here and you were doing nothing, I wouldn’t notice you…


Sound familiar?

That’s essentially what this LinkedIn post is claiming.

When marketing is performing at the highest capacity, you don’t notice it. Yet if marketing isn’t performing at all…

You wouldn’t notice it, either.


In the modern age, marketing IS entertainment.

You need to be flamboyant.

You need to tell stories.

You need to use exaggeration to your advantage – to highlight the conflict and showcase the hell/heaven island.

You need to be the purple cow…

Because you either stand out or you disappear.

In fact, I’d argue –

You can do great entertaining (aka marketing)… without focusing on ANY products.

If your audiences LOVE you, they will buy everything you offer –

Sight unseen.

This is why:

Kim Kardashian can charge 10 grand for one tweet

(because her fans will buy anything she promotes)

Elon Musk can bait & switch his early customers

(because his cult-like followers will go to war for him)

Donald Trump can win a presidential election by tweeting nonsense

(because his supporters can ignore any 💩 he said)

Yeah, it’s not a proud situation –

But we live in a society that worships celebrities and entertainers.

So, make your brand a celebrity by entertaining AND being visible!

(just don’t be a fraud)

Cheering for you,