Welcome to 2024!

Instead of starting with a woohoo “happy new year” email, I’ll go against the norm and share what you should never do.

It all started in July last year, 2023.

One of my mentors recommended an email marketing course to me. 

I was busy. However, I invested in the course for later study because I trusted my mentor completely. 

Immediately after the purchase, I started getting newsletters about – “options.”

Yes, investment emails.


(Not gonna include the headlines here because it’ll probably get my emails into the s.p.a.m. folder, too. But I saved a few of these, so feel free to ask for proof)

This continued for a few weeks…

…until I unsubscribed (on July 26th). 

Up until this point, it’s pretty typical: 

– people get on your list 
– some like it, some don’t 
– some stay, some leave
– no hard feelings 


A month later, I cleared my schedule and returned to the email marketing course I had initially invested in.

This was when I realized I couldn’t access the program.


“That’s weird,” I thought and reached for support.

Lance (someone on the support team) got back to me in a few days, stating:

Hi Wuyen,

It appears you clicked the ‘unsubscribe’ link in one of Troy’s emails on July 26th.

This triggered automatic revocation of your access to Troy’s app.

(Troy hosts all his courses on his app)

I replied:

This makes no sense.

So, if I unsubscribe to a free email list, I lose access to the product I paid for?

(???? – imagine the question marks on my head)

And Lance answered proudly:

Yes, it’s the way Troy runs his business. Keep learning how his business works and it will make sense. 🙂

…Please get back to us when you have resubscribed so we can enable your purchase for you.

No, I wasn’t gonna “learn” how his business works… 

Because it had to be illegal.

But I also wasn’t going to spend time arguing with them.

So, I claimed:

No, that does not make sense. 

(Especially when this wasn’t disclosed on the sales page)

But I won’t waste time arguing with a support team.

So, I’ve resubscribed – give me back access to the product I’ve already paid for.

(I’m not being super “nice” here, but I think I’m being reasonable 🤷‍♂️)

Once I’ve got my access back…

* I went through the whole course in two days. 

* Took notes of anything I found interesting.

* Completed the course.

* Set up a filter that sends all future emails from “Troy Broussard” to the s.p.a.m. folder.

* Filed a FTC fraud complaint.

* Left a 1-star review on the app.

Overreaction? Maybe.

But I believe it’s important to identify the bad apples for others.

* Emailed my mentor about what happened. 

(he apologized for the bad experience)

* And moved on with my life.

(no, I did not ask for a refund because I think the course was ok)

To me, this was the end of the story…

…until yesterday.

At 7:50 a.m. New Year’s Day, I got an email from the co-owner of the app, telling me that:

We have unsubscribed you from Troy’s email list, and will not be allowing you to use any of our products, for any of our companies in the future.

I’m sure you understand.

(really, 4+ months later on New Year’s Day? 😂)

I laughed when I saw this email – 

Because it felt like an angry “breakup” letter from elementary school.

“We’re over. We are no longer friends!!”

To which I replied…


I archived the email and wrote this newsletter.

(Since it did give me a story to share with you… I guess it’s not a complete waste of time, lol.)


I’m sharing this with you because I want you to know what NOT to do.

People will eventually drop off your list – even if you’re not s.p.a.m.m.i.n.g. subscribers like Troy.

It’s not a big deal.

Unsubscribe is part of the game.

Don’t get too attached.

(and don’t do something illegal to “prove you’re a badass”)

Keep attracting people who like you…

…by emailing stuff that is entertaining, encouraging, and educating.

And you’ll be fine.

Of course, if you’re interested in partnering with someone to do the email marketing the right way, feel free to reach out:

Cheering for you,

P.S. – One additional note…

The co-owner of Troy’s app decided to refund my initial purchase along with the silly “breakup” email.

Why now?

(4+ months later, on New Year’s Day)

I have no idea.

I didn’t ask for a refund.

Maybe they just discovered my 1-star review?

(btw – I’m not the only one leaving a 1-star review about this problem)

Perhaps it’s damage control?

Or maybe they’re afraid FTC will come after them?

But it doesn’t matter.

They cannot “kidnap” someone’s email… by holding past purchases as hostages.

In my case, it was one purchase, so they’re willing to refund.

But what if you’ve made multiple purchases…

…and, one day, decided to unsubscribe?

Do you think they’ll refund all your purchases?

Or will they cancel your access and hope you didn’t find out?

(I’m betting the latter because they never notified me the first time)