how to create winning campaigns consistently

Yesterday, I was procrast… researching on YouTube and came across an old comedy clip from Jimmy O. Yang:

“You go to any Chinese restaurant, there are 485 items on the menu!

And there’s one dude back there in the kitchen…

He’s not even a chef! He’s somebody’s uncle from Hong Kong and knows how to make everything in under 30 seconds.” 


Yeah, this is playing on the stereotype of Chinese restaurants, yet…

It’s wildly accurate.

Most Chinese restaurants have 200+ items on their menu, and they serve FAST! So, this got me thinking…

How can a restaurant chef serve a table of four in 15 minutes when it takes me 15 minutes to prep one dish?

The answer: 


“Most Chinese kitchens have an expediter. They will spend the entire dinner service in front of this massive well of ingredients – everything washed, cut, and marinated. When tickets come in, the expediter will collect all the ingredients in a bowl and pass it to the wok chef. The chef doesn’t even have to look. They throw the ingredients into the wok and are done in 45 seconds.”

Now, this is eye-opening.

It reminds me of how I work with my clients’ email accounts.

I also have a system with SOPs and workflow for EVERY step.

When I onboard a client, I “expedite” the project by following the system to handle all the repetitive tasks. It’s a lot like a production line.

This system helps me deliver quality copy consistently and…

Reserves my mental space for creative writing.

(and free my energy from admin work)

That said, even though I don’t have 485 offers, I do have a killer system to help you boost your email revenue. And that’ system starts with this:


Cheering for you,