how to create a winning automated flow (it’s like developing a Michelin menu)

Ever wonder how a Michelin restaurant creates a winning menu?

The secret: one dish at a time.

NYC’s Ci Siamo has 7 entrée on their dinner menu. But each entrée is a story of its own. Take their signature $35, 8-oz braised lamb, for example:

The process starts one week BEFORE serving…

  • Separating the shoulder from the belly
  • Trimming the meat to maintain a perfect lean-to-fat ratio
  • Seasoning with fennel seeds and salt generously
  • Resting overnight
  • Rendering the fat with a heavy iron plancha for 20 minutes
  • Caramelizing at a lower heat to draw out the moisture
  • Braising the meats with the mother stock
    (the same stock they’ve been using and building since opening)
  • Sitting in the oven at 350F for 3 hours
  • Tasting the flavor before moving forward
  • Cleaning the meat by pulling off the unwanted pieces
  • Rolling the meat with two layers of wrappers while it’s still hot
    (the heat and the protein is what keeps the roll together)
  • Poking holes in the wrappers to squeeze out the air
  • Twirling the wrappers to form a tight bond
  • Icing the roll to firm up the lamb log
  • Portioning the lamb to 7-8 ounces at 1-inch thick
  • Tying the meat to maintain the shape while searing
  • Finishing the crust on a real wood fire
  • Garnishing the dish to serve

One hell of a dish, right?


Chef Hillary Sterling must have undergone months of development to create the final product – tasting and testing each step.

Only when she finds an absolute winner…

She’ll add it to their regular menu, creating the best selection.

Which is…

Exactly like how you should be building your automated flows!

Most e-commerces are building their flows backward. 

They build the full flow from scratch… and rely on A/B testing to improve the metrics. But instead – 

They should be testing hooks/angles/copy through daily broadcasts. Getting feedback. Watching engagement. Tracking sales.

And then…

Automate the winners at different steps of the customer journey, turning them into cash-generating assets.

Of course, this is a lot of work. So, you should consider hiring a professional to do this for you. 😉

Cheering for you,