how to 20x your price and still sell out

Yesterday, my wife and I swung by a patisserie promoting their newest seasonal product: Strawberry Dacquoise. 

Now, if you’re wondering…

It’s basically a huge Hara Yamato Heguri Strawberry sandwiched between strawberry cream and two heart-shaped Dacquoises.


Turned out…

While the strawberry was amazing…

The rest tasted exactly like a Hu-Ling-Kah.

(Hu-Ling-Kah is a Taiwan-style dessert originated from biscuits à la cuillère. Two coin-size, crusted fluffy cakes held together by a light sweet cream.)

But the problem is:

Hu-Ling-Kag usually costs about $0.25 each…

But the Strawberry Dacquoise cost $5.

Sure, strawberries have always been expensive, but… a 20x difference?!

So, how did they justify the cost?

Cute product + Seasonal offer + Limited amount + Lots of collaboration with influencers + Strawberry = Irresistible offer for my wife


Good Positioning + Urgency + Scarcity + Awareness + Target Market = Sales?


Cheering for you,