how I become a better marketer

Wanna know how to create better marketing for your business?

Marketing that is fun, exciting, and profitable?

Here’s how:

Yesterday, I visited a new Neapolitan Pizza restaurant.

I ordered the Prosciutto Arugula… and it was AMAZING!

The crust was light, tender, and airy – all at the same time. The golden ratio between mozzarella and tomatoes – the salty, sweet, and sour – provides a perfect balance. Finally, the aging flavor of prosciutto plus the freshness of arugula elevated the pizza to another level.

The pizza was so good…

After the meal, I researched the history and recipe for an authentic Neapolitan Pizza.

I went down the rabbit hole…

For 30+ minutes!

(and it was fun)

There you have it – the two keys to better marketing:

  1. A worthy product
  2. Curiosity

Now, a solid product is apparent…

Because no amount of marketing can hide a sucky product from a refund.

(and the avalanche of 1-star reviews)

So, let’s dig into the second – Curiosity.

Curiosity is the driving force behind all great marketing.

As a business owner…

Curiosity helps you find new opportunities in business.

  • How can I improve my product – even by 1%?
  • How can I test the limit of my product?
  • What does my target market really want? (pain, desire, and challenges)
  • How can I create/partner with horizontal and vertical products to help my target market get what they want?

For your market…

Curiosity attracts the best customers.

  • Blendtec went viral because people were curious about what it could blend. (Will It Blend Series)
  • Brooki Bakehouse went viral because people were curious about what it’s like being a bakery owner.
  • The Ice Bucket Challenge went viral because people were curious: “Who’s next?”

To summarize:

As an entrepreneur…

You’re on a very unique and exciting journey. 

It might be hard 90% of the time… with countless ups and downs.

But these ups and downs are amazing stories worth sharing.

Stories that your audience wants to hear.

(yes, they are curious about YOU)

So, don’t be afraid.

All you have to do is start sharing – and the best customers will come.

(preferably through your email list so that Zuckerberg and Musk can’t take your audience away overnight)

Cheering for you,

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