how bad can your email deliverability be?

ME: I think we should hire someone to clean the washing machine before we move in… and before we use it for our baby’s clothes.

TRACY: You think so? How bad can it be?

This morning, I had a guy over to clean the washer.

The guy arrived at 9 am and headed to the balcony to start working.



30 minutes later…

He laid out 11 parts on the floor and invited me to check the condition.

Each piece was covered by blackish flakes, sticky detergent leftovers, and balls of unidentified wet chunks (I guess it was a combination of dust, cotton wools, and… dead skins).

It was like mold heaven.

Now, imagine washing your clothes in this thing…

You fill the machine with water, the debris dissolves, the water turns gray, and you soak the clothes in the water for an hour!


But the shocking thing is…

This washing machine was only 2 years old!

This shows you how bad it can get if you don’t clean something regularly.

(It took the guy 2.5 hours to clean everything!)

Now, flashback to your business.

How bad can it get if you don’t clean your email list regularly?

Well, I’ve seen businesses spending a fortune creating the prettiest email… only to have a 20% bounce rate PLUS half of their emails disappearing in the spam/promo folder.

It sucks, right?

Because it’s basically like washing moolah down the drain.

Instead, you should be:

  • Setting up the DMARC, DKIM, and SPF
    (this is the bare minimum you should do, not the high standard)
  • Using double opt-in to minimize fake emails
  • Emailing regularly to stay top-of-mind
  • Writing stories people want to read
  • Reducing images to avoid red flags
  • Removing bounced emails ruthlessly
  • Purging your list every 3-4 months

I know.

A lot of work.

But that’s what it takes to avoid Gmail’s naughty list.

So, if you don’t want to do this yourself… and want a professional to do it for you… then you’ll want to check this out 👇

Cheering for you,