Google quietly raised your ad cost by 10%

Image this:

You’re at a restaurant.

You take one look at the menu.


“I swear this was only $10 last week… and now it’s $12,” you murmur.

“Damn the inflation.”

But man’s gotta eat. So, you finish your meal and head to the counter to pay.

“Wait, something’s wrong…”

You look up at the cashier with confusion because the check is 10% more than expected.

The cashier smiles and replies:

“Yes, sir, this is correct. We just raised our price by 10% while you were eating. We’re the only restaurant in this town… and must meet our new revenue goal.”

He stops for 2 seconds and continues:

“Would you mind leaving a tip?”

This would be outrageous, right?

But this is happening every day in the marketing world.

Google has admitted to quietly raising your advertising cost to meet revenue targets – sometimes, for as much as 10%!

(this is on top of the already increasing expenses)

Now, Google has shown its hand, and it’s your turn.

What are YOU gonna do about it?

Will you continue to rely on Google to send you all your customers?

(like sitting on a one-legged stool)


Will you invest in building a safety net in 2024?

A protection that can generate consistent and predictable cash flow even when you have to “turn off” the ads.

Well, if you’re interested in finding out how to build a safety net for your business – without spending more on ads – then I can help.

Email me at “wy<@>” saying, “I’m interested,” and I’ll share the details.

Cheering for you,