For ecommerces who are struggling with high ad costs & low email revenuE

In the next few weeks, I’m setting aside some time to run some free Email Marketing Audits to show a few eCommerces or B2C brands how to grow their revenue with email automation, helping them:

  • Increase profit margin
  • Generate steady, predictable revenue
  • Avoid the cash flow rollercoaster
  • Stop relying on marketing channels they don’t own
  • Avoid the “social media hamster wheel”- always chasing after the next new platform
  • Identify where they might be leaving money on the table each month
  • Reduce manual work for their email marketing
  • Maximize leverage for all other marketing strategies

without spending more on ads.

The best part – you can build these flows once and continue to make sales on autopilot.

As I said, these audits are TOTALLY free plus they’ll be delivered through a short recorded video (using Loom).

In other words, it’s not a “sales call” in disguise.

My goal is to offer you an opportunity to see what’s it like working with me, risk-free.

The only catches are:

  • You must have an email list.
  • You must be using Klaviyo.
  • You’re willing to share access to your account.
  • And your Klaviyo is connected to your checkout for tracking.

That’s all.

I’ll be offering these audits on a first-come, first-served basis.

But I reserve the right to not audit any account that’s not a good fit.

That being said, I will do as many as I can; however, I don’t guarantee everyone will get a free audit.

Would you like to claim your spot?

If so: ➡️ Click Here to Get Started
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