first impression matters

Ever wonder why getting a nice haircut costs so much?

Recently, a friend of mine wanted to get a haircut…

So, he found a random chain salon and entered the store with the rash belief: “I don’t need a designated designer; how expensive can it be?”

Well, he learned his lesson…

An “alright” salon…

No perm.

No styling.

Only basic cut and wash… 

The salon charged him ~$40!

(not including tips… darn the inflation 🫥)

But there’s a reason why changing your style costs so much…

Because first impressions matter.

Research shows that it takes merely five seconds for another person to form a biased opinion about you.

And once that opinion is there…

You have to move mountains to install a new image.

(not to mention that 95% of employers are hiring based on a person’s appearance… plus 93% of executives promote based on an employee’s style)

We all say – “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

But in reality…

Redesigning a book cover can generate 51% more clicks.

So, have you ever considered – 

What’s the first impression of your business?


  • What content do people see?
  • How fast does your store load?
  • Does your Welcome Sequence establish a polarizing value? 

Unfortunately, most email accounts I’ve audited don’t have a “real” Welcome Sequence. Instead…

They have a lousy template delivering a 20% off discount code.

But this is such a waste.

Because your Welcome Sequence is the prime real estate.

It’s THE most watched email flow…

Plus, it’s your best opportunity to create the perfect first impression. 

So, if all you have is:


“Hi {Firstname},
Welcome to the family!


Here’s a 20% discount code just for you…
But hurry, it expires in 3 days.”


It’s time to give your Welcome Sequence a major upgrade.

And, of course, I can help =>

Cheering for you,