first impression matters – both in life and business

In Taiwan, most people host their weddings at hotels.

The problem is – a friend was searching for a venue for June 2025.

(yes, you have to book a year in advance)

However, most hotels charge $800 to $1,300 for a table of ten, with a minimum requirement of 15+ tables. That’s $130 (USD) per person, costing more than two King Henry VIII Cuts at the House of Prime Rib.

But unlike the restaurant… you get mediocre food at hotel weddings. 

(In my 35 years of experience, only one hotel had “okay” food.)

The truth is – 

Hotels are often 50~100% more expensive than regular banquet halls.


If the food is bad yet expensive, why a hotel?

Because hotels feel more high-end.

A luxurious entrance. Larger hallways. Fancy chandeliers. 

It leaves a better first impression on the guests.

Just like…

How people judge a book by its cover. And…

How people judge your email by your optin process.

From the optin form to the post-optin page, the confirmation email, the confirmation page, and the Welcome Flow.

All of these together create the first impression for your newsletter. 

A good optin process creates raving fans who will read all your emails in the future. But a bad one repeals your best prospects, losing them forever.

So, here’s your challenge for today 👇

Take a tour through your website onto your email list.

Act like a new prospect… and ask yourself:

How is the experience?

  • Is it fun and exciting?
  • Or is it boring and clumsy?
  • (or maybe even broken?)

Reply and let me know. 🙂 

I’d love to see what your optin process looks like.

Cheering for you,

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