I used to love Disney…

The music.

The movies.

The theme park.

What not to love?

But recently, when they tried to turn…

Mulan into a cold-blooded assassin…

Little Mermaid into “politically correct”…

2024 Snow White into a woke culture…

I stopped watching a lot of their movies.

But the weirdest thing?

I don’t think any of Disney’s true fans – the actual customers who buy – wanted these changes!

At least I couldn’t imagine the super fans dancing to the Bigmax music complaining about political incorrectness…


This means Disney is trying to cater to people who don’t buy… while pushing away their best prospects.

This mistake happens a lot…

Companies destroying their fan base to please the media.

(look at Victoria’s Secret)

The lesson here:

Define your values.

Attract like-minded people.

And ignore all the noise.

Remember, you can’t please everyone.

So, stop trying.

K. Signing off for the day. My legs are dead from a day at Disney…

Heading to Mount Fuji tomorrow. Let’s hope it’s a good day 🗻🤞