In 2012, I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and landed my first job. An engineering consultant in a small firm in San Francisco.

Looking back…

I’m noticing many similar trades between engineering consultants and email specialists. Both jobs require you to…

  • Spend 1/2 of your time communicating with clients/prospects
  • Spend 1/4 of your time improving your skill
  • Spend 1/8 of your time on the admin stuff 
  • Spend 1/8 of your time to create incredible designs


The secret most freelancers/agencies don’t tell you – 

Only about 1/8 of the “job” is about being creative.

As an engineer, I spend most of my time reading the city code, studying the layout, talking with equipment vendors, and pushing for permits.

On the other hand…

As an email specialist, I spend most of my time researching the market, studying your brand voice, reading reviews, and managing the list.

These things aren’t sexy.

But it’s the foundation for your email marketing.

With that in mind…

If you want to partner with an email strategist who is willing to do the “boring things” so you can get the “exciting result”…

Reach out at “wy<@>”.

Cheering for you,