Email Profit Engine – 4M Approach: Step 2 (Monetize)

Most brands think a customer journey looks like this:

Prospect sees an ad >> Click on the ad >> Review your product page >> Checkout >> Become a customer.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.


Look at your own shopping behavior.

If you’re like most, it’ll probably look something like this: 

You see an interesting ad on FB…

But you ignore it the first seven times.

Until one day, you decide to click on that ad.

After reading the product page, you’re intrigued, yet…

You’re heading out for dinner.

So, you save the URL on your mobile browser… and completely forget about it.

(repeat numerous times – each time a different distraction)

A month later…

Something clicks.

You don’t remember the tipping point—maybe a specific need, a 5-star review, a friend using the product, or something else.

You shift from procrastinating mode into buying mode.

You quickly check out all the competitors.

And finally, decide…


The UPS rings the doorbell.

You fetch the package…

Unbox the delivery.

(completely forgetting about the product again)

The end…





Three months later…

You see another ad that reminds you of the product.

“Yeah… I need this!” 

You pull out your CC, enter your information…


(your phone rings)

Your team needs to ask you a question.

Thirty minutes later, you hang up your phone – exhausted – and wind down for the night. (forgetting the purchase yet again)

But the next day!

You received an email.

An email reminding you about the abandoned cart.

“Ah, right. I almost forgot.”

Click the link, review the checkout, and complete the order.

Prospect >> Customer

Now, this is the secret no Internet Marketing gurus like to admit:

No one can predict when a sale will happen.

It can happen 90 seconds after someone sees your ad…

…or 90 days later.

Because a prospect will only become a customer when the right offer meets the right person at the right TIMING. 

If the timing is wrong, it doesn’t matter how good your deal is.

To give you a real example:

I know I want a king-size bed.

I can afford one.

I see deals about great beds all the time.

But – for the past five years – my room wasn’t big enough to fit a king-size without sacrificing too much walking space.

So, the purchase has yet to happen.

Will it happen one day?


But it’ll have to wait until the right timing for me.

This is the same for your prospects.

And that’s why you must consider this when you design an email marketing system. You want a system that can:

1) Build relationship (& trust) with your prospects for the long-game

2) Stay top-of-mind without annoying your prospects

3) Recognize when it’s the right time to present your offer

4) Present your offer in front of the right prospect at the right timing

5) Remind prospect to COMPLETE his/her purchase

(and this system has to be simple and easy to maintain)

This is why I designed the Email Profit Engine using a 1-2 Punch MONETIZING Strategy. 

The first punch keeps you top-of-mind, builds trust, and determines the right timing. The second punch goes for the sale.

The best part?

You only have to install the core system once.

Then, all that is left is simple broadcasting.

If you want to install a Profit Engine for your online store, let’s talk.

(send me an email at “wy<@>“)

Cheering for you,