email marketing prediction using sci-fi movies

Yesterday, Jensen Huang – CEO of Nvidia – gave a talk at National Taiwan University.

He talked about Taiwan’s culture, food, AI industry chain, etc.

One concept he brought up was the – 

Twin Earth.

(aka Earth-2)

Using the computing power of AI to create an Earth simulation.

The goal is to predict, and maybe even influence, the weather worldwide.

When I heard this, I thought:

“Isn’t that Dutch Boy?”

Luckily, Geostorm (2017) has already predicted what will happen next.

We’ll need…

– A nerd to discover the truth

– A blonde to save the president

– A cowboy to hit the kill code


We didn’t need ChatGPT to save the world?!


Actually, I’m only half joking.

Because when AI is taking over the Internet, flooding the search engine with stolen, low-quality content…

The best way for your brand to stand out is to embrace the “human.”

Share your experience.

Communicate your value.

Tell stories.

Do all of these as a human…

…talking to another human!

And you’ll crush your competitors who are using ChatGPT to write boring emails like this 👇

Write a 100-word email selling a meat subscription box.

Dear [Recipient],

Revolutionize your kitchen with our Meat Subscription Box! Each month, receive a curated selection of premium cuts, from juicy steaks to tender chicken thighs, delivered right to your doorstep.

Experience convenience without compromising on quality or flavor. Our meats are sourced from trusted suppliers, ensuring freshness and ethical practices. Say goodbye to last-minute grocery runs and hello to gourmet dining at home.

Join the culinary journey today and elevate your meals to new heights. Subscribe now and embark on a delicious adventure!

Best Regards,


Well, if you don’t want your emails to sound like a robot simulating a robot, then you’ll want to check out this offer:


Cheering for you,