email idea plagiarizing

My wife has been binging the Netflix show “Queen of Tears” recently.

(when the baby isn’t crying…)

It’s a good show, breaking the rating record of “Crash Landing On You” in 2019. But a lot of people are complaining:

“There’s nothing special about this show. It’s only plagiarizing the story ideas from a bunch of different movies:

– The memory loss from 50 First Dates

– The story arc from My Love From The Star

– The character relationship from The Proposal


No one knows for sure where the screenwriter gets his ideas.

But let’s be honest…

Is any story idea truly 100% original?

There are 8 billion people in the world…

You can probably find a similar story about anything (and everything) you’re going through from someone else.

But people still want to hear your version, perspective, and voice.

(that’s if you’re telling the story in an entertaining way)

And that’s the beauty of storytelling – transforming a mundane idea into an interesting hook that grabs your audience’s attention.

So, start sharing your story – ideally with every email.

As long as you’re sharing the story from your perspective – not swiping other people’s copy word by word – then you’re fine.

(But if you don’t know how… the easiest way is to get a professional email storyteller to do it for you. Hint: check out here)

Cheering for you,