don’t make your customers jump through hoops

Yesterday, a friend had to run some errands at the court.

I accompanied and witnessed the whole process. She…

– Called the court to confirm the form

– Downloaded the forms from the court’s website

– Pulled her hair out trying to fill out the form

– Called the support number to ask questions

– Got a different answer with every call

– Headed over to the court

– Received a completely different form at the counter

(but even the legal counsel wasn’t sure how to fill out the form correctly)

– Submitted the form to a confused lady

(the lady at the counter couldn’t even confirm what appendix was needed)

But after all the hard work… the court told her to wait 3 to 4 months for confirmation before taking the next step.

The whole thing was tedious.

If this wasn’t the court… and it wasn’t something she HAD to do… she would have given up in a second.

But the funny thing is – 

I see many ecommerces making their “buying process” just as complicated.

  • Every email promotes a dozen unrelated products
  • Every prospect has to go through a useless AI support bot… and wait for an hour… before getting hold of an actual support
  • Every support gives a different answer
  • Every promo comes with multiple tiers and various deadlines
  • Every prospect is “expected” to remember to come back to buy

All these complications confuse your prospects.

But a confused mind always says no.

So, here’s what you should do:

Ask someone to go through your website.

(this should NOT be a close friend or family member… because your wife will not tell you the truth if your website is horrible)

Ask them to behave like a real customer.

look around, reach out to support, subscribe for discount codes, procrastinate a couple of days, Google competitors, wait for email promos, etc…

And finally…

After a week or two, try to buy one of your products.

See how your product is delivered…

…and used!

Then, interview them on what they like or dislike about the process.

Their honest feedback will change your business forever.

Cheering for you,