The lie of “The Diamond is Forever”

"The Diamond is Forever."
It's the commercial slogan Frances Gerety created for De Beers back in 1947 to promote a type of stone which they have too much inventory both in their storage and on Earth - diamond.
The truth is diamond has little value and isn't particularly special in the natural world. 

It's not rare and it definitely can't save a broken marriage.
But the campaign was such a massive success it's hard to imagine a proposal or wedding without these shiny stones.
One of the major reason for the campaign success was the association with the word "Forever." Actually, it killed three birds with just one diamond...
Since you're only going to buy one, and it doesn't go bad, it matches the word of forever...
Since you're supposed to keep ONE for a lifetime, the company doesn't have to worry about customers finding out the real value of the stone when trying to resell it...
Since everyone wants their marriage to be happily ever after, they're emotionally sold for what the diamond stands for in their marriage...
So good luck proposing without a diamond ring.
This is the power of capturing the right primal emotion of your target market in your marketing message - ever loyal fans and lots of money.
Here you go...
The secret of great marketing lies not in arguing about what great features you have but in capturing the emotion and incorporating the value BEFORE you even start selling.
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