context in marketing


It was 20:00. The nurse pushed the baby into our room to teach us how to bathe her. The only problem…

The baby wasn’t happy.

For the next 30 minutes, it was non-stop howling, kicking, twisting, grabbing, fighting, and pooping. 😰

She was crying to the point where she couldn’t stop hiccuping. 

(that’s all I remember because my brain went blank after 30 seconds of crying)


20:00, again. The nurse pushed the baby into our room for us to practice bathing ourselves. But this time…

It was peaceful.

The little thing sank into my arms, closed her eyes, and dozed off while I was scrubbing her back. 

Same time, same parents, same baby, and even the same bathing SOP.

So… what’s the difference?

On the first day –

The baby had been hibernating for 3+ hours, so she was starving.

But on the second day –

The baby was fed 1.5 hours ago, so she was content.

And that’s why CONTEXT is everything.

So, I find it silly when prospects ask me to create a campaign “exactly like their competitors”…

When they don’t even know if that original campaign worked.

Here’s a better way:

Instead of swiping (aka stealing) competitors’ creatives…

Borrow ideas from a different industry, give it your spin, test the hooks/angles with regular broadcasts, and then repurpose the winners into automated flows.

This allows you to be unique while building assets at the same time.

Give it a try.

(or let me help you 👉

Cheering for you,