common email marketing mistake

When doing email audits for businesses, I see one common mistake:

Imagine you’re fishing.

You’ve prepared a tasty bait. (irresistible offer)

You’ve brought the best equipment. (compelling email)

You even have a pond full of fish. (email list)

The only problem is – you never cast the rod!

You put a net in the water (your website)… and expect fish to swim into the net automatically. Sounds ridiculous, right?

But I’ve seen so many brands doing this.

Brands with a 15k, 30k, or even 100k+ email list… running their campaigns to less than 5k recipients. (and struggling with no sales)

Look – 

The only reason to keep an email list is to help you make more profit.

Otherwise, why are you paying Klaviyo for all these active profiles?

But if you don’t email your list – or only a fraction – you’ll always leave a lot on the table.

So, next time you’re running a promotion…

Try emailing your WHOLE list.


If you’re not emailing your whole list because you’re afraid of bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, or even spam complaints…

This means you’re doing email marketing the wrong way.

Here’s a tip:

Instead of worrying about pissing people off… or setting up complicated segmentation… write emails that are entertaining for ALL your subscribers.

As always…

If you want help, reply with “DFY” and let’s talk.

Cheering for you,

P.S. – I’m considering doing a series sharing the most common mistakes from recent email audits. Interested? Let me know.