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No longer a numbers game

One common concept taught in the art of selling:
"It's just a numbers game."

"Once you know your conversion rate, you know exactly how many sales call you need to make in order to hit your revenue goal. You'll also know exactly how much each call is worth for your business. This will take away the fear of selling."

This is partially true.

Because you do want to know your numbers. The ultimate goal for your online marketing strategy is to create an asset that can turn $1 into $2 or more.
But this is also partially misleading for a service provider.
You, as an agency, isn't really in a numbers game. You're not selling an ebook on Amazon nor selling a course that can be downloaded by 1,000 customers at one time.
You provide an actual service designed to help your clients get actual results. This means there is a limit to how many clients you can serve at any given time.
When you're looking at your marketing as "I must close one client out of every five calls", you forfeited your right to pick and choose only the perfect fit to serve.
On the other hand...
If you no longer look at your market as a numbers game, you'll set yourself up for greater success because you will never rush into taking on a client unless you're 100% confident you can help him get the best result.
I'll end today's email with the #1 principle my mentor taught me when I first started learning copywriting:
"Never give a quote just because a prospect asks for it."
Remember, it's NOT a numbers game.


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The fireman’s job as a consultant

Back in 2012, when I first became a consultant I was told...

"The job of a consultant is all about putting out fires. You'll be juggling 8 to 10  different projects any given time and there's no way you can be on top of them all. So here's what you do..."

"You do the minimum work to keep each project afloat and put out the most immediate fire each day."

Of course, that's total bs.

No business should be operating this way and it's a guaranteed plan for bad quality.

But on the other hand, it's not surprising why most consultants work their butts off like firemen putting out fires each day...

Because the job is unpredictable, in all aspects.

For client source, most consultants rely on the phone to ring by luck instead of having a steady stream of prospects to pick from. 

No wonder most consultants accept ANY clients that come their way because they don't know if the phone will ring again that week. But to make it worse...

Because most of these are non-fit clients, they tend to take up extra time, energy, and mental space while other clients suffer the consequence.

So how do we stop being a fireman? 

By having a system ( that brings in a consistent flow of pre-qualified prospects so you can only talk to people who are a potential right fit and work with only the ideal clients.

Of course, no system is 100% fail-safe.

It can't guarantee that you'll never run into another a-hole but it sure will take most of the weight off your shoulder, stop the hamster wheel of putting out fires, and give you the freedom to fire bad clients easily.

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Good to Great: A Ritz-Carlton Story

Last month, I had the chance to stay at two different hotels a day apart, and the experience was interesting.


It's a special occasion. It's the first vacation after she said "Yes" to my proposal AND it happened to be my 30th birthday. So I reached out to both hotels to see if they can help make it more romantic. 

The Senza Hotel promised chocolate-covered strawberry (free), a bottle of champagne (free), and some roses (not free).

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel promised rose petals, a personal card, and a photo of our choice (all free).

So I went with the strawberry at Senza and everything they offered at Ritz. 

I was excited, and this was what happened: 

Senza Hotel, Napa

The Senza Hotel has great reviews on Yelp, amazing location (20-min from all major wineries), pool, spa, top-notch room, Bouchon breakfast, and a vineyard right outside of our room.

In fact, we picked the hotel BECAUSE of my fiancee's dream to "sleep within the vineyard".

It turns out, the hotel was good but, unfortunately, not great.

I entered the room ready to surprise my fiancee with some yummy chocolate-covered strawberry...

...except that there was no strawberry. 

You can imagine my disappointment.

Sure, it's not something on the regular venue but a promise is a promise. It's like planning a proposal dinner with flowers and wedding ring expect the flower was forgotten.

(Thankfully, I didn't plan my actual proposal here.)

But the story didn't stop here. We accidentally forgot a bag of stuff when we checked-out. 

It's just two, three things we bought at Napa...but no one at the hotel contacted us so we searched forever.

Eventually, I had to call them myself. 

After a long back-and-forth, they finally confirmed that they do have our stuff at the lost and found area. I asked them to ship it to us and thanked them for their help.

Until the next day...

I received an email asking us to "come pick it up" because the shipping will cost $35 + tax (yes, we have to pay for this ourselves, too) and since it's "just a few items".

There's only one problem...

We're just here to VISIT and we're not in Napa anymore.

Now, it's our own mistake and paying for shipping is fine, even though it is outrageously expensive considering that we've just spent $300 for the night.

But it gets even worse because I emailed back and no response.

A month later, no package.

The bitterness in our special vacation.

But here's a different story, just a day before...

Ritz Carlton Hotel, Half Moon Bay

When we swiped open our door...

There's an "I Love You" spelled out with rose petals on the bed, a personal card in the middle, a photo of us on the bedside...

AND a bottle of champagne plus a chocolate cake waiting on the table!
(Something I sure wasn't expecting.)

They went above and beyond to make our trip special.

And it's not just our special welcoming, it's the whole experience. Literally, every single member of the hotel is eager to help. We couldn't stop for a minute with hesitation before an employee approaches us with assistance.

Needless to say, we had the best vacation ever.

Two very different stories about good and GREAT.

Any hotel can be good on the infrastructure, Senza is even newer than Ritz-Carlton, but what makes a hotel great is the service, the memories, and the extra millages.

You don't need to guess which one we'll be recommending.

And if you want YOUR clients to go out of their way to refer you to their friends, find out how you can make their experience GREAT, not just good.



P.S. Today's email is a lot longer than normal...

It's because I just have to share with you how amazing the experience was with Ritz-Carlton. 

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The Bell and the Cat

Once upon a time...

There's a family of mice. They've been living in the fear of a Cat. So one day, they come together to discuss. To come up with a possible idea to defeat the Cat.

After much discussion...

One young Mouse has a brilliant idea!

"We can't beat it but if we put a bell around the Cat's neck. Now we can ALL hear when the Cat approaches!"

Every Mouse cheers because they'll never be afraid of the Cat again...until one wise Mouse (let's call him Wu) says:

"This is a great idea."

"But who'll put the bell ON the Cat?"

The fable tells it all.

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