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The Crow and The Pitcher

Once upon a time...


In a spell of dry winter, when the birds could find very little to drink, a thirsty Crow found a pitcher with a little water in it. But the pitcher has a high and narrow neck, and no matter how he tried, the Crow couldn't reach the water. The poor thing felt as he must die of thirst.

Then an idea came to him. Picking up some small pebbles, he dropped them into the pitcher one by one. With each pebble, the water rose a little higher until at last, it was near enough so he could drink.


This is one of the most famous Aesop fables of all time. Teaching children to think outside of the box and use a pinch of our wits to help us out.

But did you know it's equally important for your business?

Because your audience - those who have the potential to become ideal clients - are just like the thirsty Crow searching for water in a dry winter.

They need help, badly.

Otherwise, their fate might very well die of thirst. The only thing different is that thirst could mean different things to different people.

Now, you have a solution - just like the water that'll save the Crow from his poor fate.

But the pitcher is high and the neck is narrow...

Of course, not because YOU want to make it hard but because there are so many "me too" marketers shouting for attention that creates objections and self-defense as high and narrow as the pitcher's neck.

So for the poor Crow (your prospects) to get the water they so desperately need (your solution), you need to help them raise the water.

You have to be the one dropping small pebbles, every single day, to the point where the water is near enough to drink.

As for the pebbles?

Campaigns, daily emails, and webinars.



P.S. If you're running out of ideas (or time) to collect your own pebbles, you'll want to check out where I'll show you a quicker and easier way to load up your arsenal.

Marvel’s secret to box office record

Hey, it's Wuyen here...

I can't wait for the Untitled Avengers: Infinity War Sequel...

And yesterday when I was doing my "research" about upcoming movies that are worth following, I found something interesting about Marvel Studio.

It's probably what makes them one of the most successful movie company in the world right now.

And there's a lesson (or two) you can pick up which will make your marketing that much powerful.

So what's one thing that's in common for these movies?

(Besides the fact they're all sequels, of course.)

* Iron Man >> Iron Man 2 >> Iron Man 3

* Captain America: First Avenger >> Captain America: Winter Soldier >> Captain America: Civil War

* Thor >> Thor: Dark World >> Thor: Ragnarok

Found it yet?

Okay, I admit it's probably not that obvious...

Here's the thing: the sequels all have higher opening day box office than the previous. And this happens A LOT for Marvel Studio. But why?

I was genuinely surprised about this because we know the sequels aren't necessarily better...and the first one doesn't always live up to its expectation either.

(For example, Iron Man is still the best and Thor still need some work, IMHO.)

Some hints: expectation, obligation, and hook.

Yes, Marvel Studio has gotten extremely good at building expectation for the following movies, hooking us with what's coming up next (teasers & Easter eggs), and creating a sense of obligation that once we've watched one movie we need to finish all sequels.

And that's not easy to do but it has become a box office promise for all Marvel Studio movies.

Most important of all, it goes the same for your marketing.

(Especially, those daily emails you should be writing by now.)

When you can create the same kind of expectation, obligation, and hook with your audience, they cannot help but look forward to your next email (and the offer that comes with it).

That's Presell Marketing in full force.

Anyhoo, if you haven't done so already, it's time to knock out those daily teasers.

Alright, that's it for today.

But if you feel like you're not a "good writer" and you need help grinding out those daily teasers, check out:


Why does the sun come up every morning?

Okay, I hear your calling.

Let's do some "Q&A" activity today.

Ready, Set, Go!

QUESTION: Why does the sun come up every morning?

WUYEN: Because it's time to do your daily emails.

So, let me guess...

You haven't done yours today. Well, what are you waiting for? The email won't write itself...or will it? (hint, hint)

Anyway, before you have a better option (hint, again), go hustle and grind it out. Because that's the kind of commitment it'll take to grow your business and get more clients.

If you have to, you can climb back in bed after you've eaten the morning frog.


QUESTION: You keep on emphasizing the importance of daily emails. Why daily and won't that burn out my list?

WUYEN: It will if you're doing it the wrong way.

But if you're focusing on creating emails that are both entertaining (1st) and educating (2nd), you're audience will love it instead.

No, they probably still won't read every single one of them but that's okay because you're going to make more sales.

And the reasons you need to do it daily:

First off, it positions you as the leader in your market, not just another faceless expert. The majority follows blindly like a sheep following their shepherd.

And who's the shepherd?

Whoever has the gut to stand out and take on the responsibility to lead.

Secondly, it's the best way to stay top of mind. And when it's the right timing for your prospects to reach out for help, guess who they remember?

Another one...

QUESTION: How about webinar? If I'm doing daily emails already, why is webinar still important?

WUYEN: Because most business owners suck at selling.

Including me.

As an introvert, I'm never comfortable "selling" to people, face-to-face. But as a business owner, you have to understand that it's not always about what you "like to do" but what you "must do" to keep your business alive and growing.

So, if you don't like selling or you're not good at it, what's next?


Because it does 90% of the selling for us BEFORE we even talk to the prospects for the very first time. This helps carry the weight and remove the pressure of having to be some sort of master salesman in order to get more clients.

So if you're like me, and you hate the traditional "selling", it's time to give webinar a try.

Okay, since I'm feeling particularly generous today, let's do one more question...

QUESTION: Why is everything so hard?

WUYEN: Because it's supposed to be.

Just like what YOU'RE good at is equally hard for me - whether that's dating women, providing social media agency services, or looking good on YouTube videos.

(Yeah, I kinda suck at all three.)

And that's why the smartest business owners know that it's time to stop working "in their business" but "on their business" by outsourcing what seems particularly hard for them so that growing their business is fun and sexy again.

And you can find out how you can do this here:


A Different Beginning

Hey, it's Wuyen here...

And because I know you're REALLY busy...So I'm guessing the last thing you want is another "newsletter" clogging up your inbox.


How about something different?

Let's start with answering every question you might have right now so by the end of this you'll know exactly what you can expect.

Sound good? 

Great, here goes:

1) Who are you?

I'm Wuyen Hsu. *wave*

And obviously, I'm the owner of but I'm also an entrepreneur, consultant, and email copywriter. Here's a slightly longer, 72-second version of who I am.

2) What's it you do again?

I help business owners, agencies, and service providers create Email Funnels (Daily Emails + Video Sales Letter) that consistently attracts, presells, and closes more high-paying clients to double their sales.

I'm also known as the "Email Funnel Copywriter For Agencies".

Oh, by the way...

Definition of high-paying clients: Customer lifetime value of $2k or more.

3) Why should I care?

Because you want more clients AND more money, right?

(Duh. *roll eye*)

No, actually, I'm serious.

Because the fastest path to more money, more impact, and more freedom are by offering a premium service for a premium price.

But we all know selling is hard - especially if we're trying to sell a high-ticket offer to a complete stranger.

The process is time-consuming, expensive, and often uncomfortable - that is if you don't have the right process and system, of course.

What if you have a system?

That attracts, presells, and closes high-paying clients for you?

Yeah, a system that makes sure you're attracting the right people... Someone who's tossing and turning in their bed 2am in the morning because of a problem you can solve...

And the system qualifies these people to make sure they're a right fit to work with you and have the money to pay for your service.

(aka ideal prospects)

And the system continues to engage, educate, and presell your prospects BEFORE you even spend a minute of your personal time talking to them.

So when the "right time" comes?

They'll actively reach out for your help, not just to learn more but presold and ready to buy from you.

This also means you're ONLY talking to ideal prospects who know, like and trust you already.

Wouldn't selling be a lot easier (and fun)?

Of course. Right?

4) But what's involved?

Proven marketing strategies, seductive email series & high-converting video sales letter, working in perfect harmony.

5) Can I build it myself?



But that doesn't mean you should.

Just like you don't try to build your own phone, car, or house because you're perfectly fine enjoying the benefits without the hassle of creating from scratch.

...Or do you?

The truth is unless you're a marketing geek like me, this stuff is probably not right up your alley.

You haven't (and won't) spend five years analyzing and testing different marketing strategies just to improve the conversion rate by 1%.

You have better things to do: enjoy your life, eat great food, travel with your family, or make the world a better place.

And let me figure out the "boring marketing stuff" which happens to be what I love to do.


Win-win scenario.

6) Wait, what about Fiverr?

What about them?

The $5 gigs?

So here's the secret your competitors don't want you to know. In the marketing world, the cheapest gigs are ALWAYS the most expensive.

We hear horror stories about "cheap gigs" on a daily base - how someone ends up spending $10k+ fixing a cheap gig because it was straight-out useless or a "copy & paste" job.

So just ask yourself:

"If they can help me double or triple my income by selling premium level products, why would they be selling their service for $5?"

The moment of truth.

7) What can I expect from you?

Subscribe here ( and I'll be sending you DAILY emails with a tip. Unlike the monster you're reading right now, each email will only be about 200 to 400 words and takes you about 2 minutes to read.

So don't wait, just open and read them.

Just to be clear.

I mail A LOT. Sometimes more than once per day. So if at any time you wish to leave this list, you can easily find the "unsubscribe" link by simply scrolling down to the bottom of any email.

No need to complain.

8) Anything else?

Well, not really?

At least for now... But thanks for asking and thanks for your attention.


We'll talk again tomorrow.



P.S. To find out more about how Email Funnel can be used for your business, you can visit here:

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