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The “No-Men Zone” for email marketing

When I first offered email copywriting...

I was challenged by a few people:


"Email doesn't work anymore. Nobody uses email and it's full of spams. Email is like Blackberry - old technology that no one wants. You should be doing Facebook Group... or Instagram... or SnapChat. Anything but email will work."

They made it sound like email is some sort of no-men zone of wasted land where everything is abandoned.
But the funny thing is...
They're also the people who send in their feedbacks THROUGH emails and based on researches are opening emails 5, 7, 13 times every day. 

They simply can't stand the little red notification on their phone telling them they have unread emails. They even check their inbox every two hours when there is no notification...
No wonder we've had experience in a country where it's "commonly known" to not use email anymore but end up getting 90% open rate for a recent promotion. 
That's the hard truth. *epic background music*
While new social media platforms are great opportunities to explore, the money will remain inside the list - for a very long foreseen future.
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Email not working? Here’s why…

Over time, some marketers (& guroos) will see a significant drop in their email marketing. From open rate to CTR, and yes, even the total sales...
Most people think it's a traffic problem.
Need more advertising budget...
Need bigger JV partners...
Need bigger, better claims...
They believe that it's time to outspend their competitors in order to keep the money rolling in. But I happen to think, most of the time, it's a different reason.
I remember watching an old episode of Last Week Tonight where John Oliver called out the bad example some abstinence advocates use to educate teenage girls on their sex education...
They say your genital is like a piece of tape...
If you use it too much you'll lose your adherence.
Obviously, this is total bull. But on the other hand, it is true in the marketing world.
Once your audience seen your promise, heard your guarantees, and read your emails, the attraction wears off quickly.
In other words, they get bored easily and quickly.
If you're always using "Last Minute!!!", "Final Chance", "4 Hours Left", "You're Missing Out" as your email focus, people won't be interested for long.
(Which is the only strategy most guroos use...)
No wonder their email marketing doesn't work anymore.
So what's the alternative?
It's a strategy I call "Profit Cycle."
Long story short, it involves the practice of daily emails and monthly offer stacking. You can learn more about it here:

Sending email is NOT free

Most email guroos will tell you:
"Email marketing is the best marketing strategy. You don't need to fuss over all the latest social media platforms and all you need is one medium. Also, it's effective and FREE!"
But this statement is only partially true because there are a few red flags worth mentioning:
Red Flag #1: While email is without a doubt a much more direct communication channel with your prospects, it's by no mean a "replacement" for all social media platforms. Social media provides the traffic while email marketing maximizes the return.
Red Flag #2: It's true that email marketing is the most effective way to establish authority and engagement with your prospects, but email alone isn't always enough. The purpose of the email is to capture attention and invite your prospects into the customer journey, not the best way to close a sale.
Red Flag #3: Sure, you normally don't need to pay any hard-earned cash just for sending out an email, but email is certainly NOT FREE. Writing emails cost you time, sending bad emails cost you reputation (and sales), fixing the bad reputation cost you time, money, and effort.
So no, sending email is not free.
Now, the best way to make sure your email is effective and making you money is by getting someone who knows the skills of the trade to help you with it.
If you agree, here's something to think about:​apply

Mindful Email Meditation

A while back, I was studying the art and science of mindfulness meditation. One of the concepts really stuck with me:
"Most people misunderstood the concept of mindfulness meditation. They believe you have to sit with certain posture, repeat a mantra, and play some meditation music in the background. All this to get you into the form."

"The truth is mindfulness is simply paying attention to the present. You can practice mindfulness meditation anywhere - while you shower, eat, or wait for the red light..."

This is quite an aha-moment for email marketing. 
You see, email doesn't come with any textbook formula. Most people think writing email is hard because you have to follow certain principles, stick to a certain structure, and obey certain rules for it to be an email. 
In some way, it's true.
Writing email isn't easy and it takes practice. There are also certain principles that'll make your emails more effective.
On the other hand, writing emails isn't complicated.
You find ideas from everyday stories, experiences, and even the most mundane chores. When you focus your attention on the present moment, you can find unique angles that'll lead toward more sales effortlessly.
Here's some example from the past months:
1. To -Do List Isn't What They Want was inspired by an email I came across the other day. Yet it reveals one of the biggest reason why certain copy fails while other pull massive success.
2. The Pilot's Checklist was a small story I heard from a friend. The small chat reminded me how many businesses fail to provide an extraordinary service due to the same reason why air-transportation used to be so dangerous.
3. How Getting Naked Gets You More Clients was a YouTube clip I saw that gave me an aha-moment on how to attract more clients...and a good laugh.
4. The Lucky Friday The 13th was inspired by all the Friday 13th discount sales I saw on Amazon. It also opened eyes to a deeper understanding of how to double or triple your revenue from your backyard.
Fat Eating Experiment was an idea born through my personal experiment in eating a ketogenic diet. The fact that I was not following the standard eating guideline yet getting a much better result, just like the marketing world.
And I can go on but I think you get the point.
Now, maybe you're not into practicing mindfulness meditation but today's your lucky day. While I can't help you meditate, I can help you craft mindful emails like these:​apply


To-do list isn’t what they want

At least for your clients, to-do list doesn't attract sales.
Last week, I came across an email from one of my mentor, Ben Settle, and the email gave me an unexpected insight. Pulled straight from the brilliantest email mastermind...
People care about what a dog can bring into their lives - the company, the cuddle, and the love - but could care less about the academical background of the species.
Interesting insight. 
Most marketers treat email as a means of communication on WHAT THEY DO. Therefore, each email explains in details on the smartest strategies they use, the cool new technique, the untold secret of how smart they are... 
They, they, they... *threw up in my mouth* 
In other words, it's all just a glorified to-do list of the service they provide or product they sell.
The truth?
This is completely useless and irrelevant to the clients' eyes. Even during times where the prospects claim they want to see your strategies, their motivation is not-so-obvious.
They don't need and don't care about any of the tasks you perform. Your fancy strategy? Has nothing to do with them. The only thing they've ever cared about is the RESULT. 
Perhaps you cold call...
Maybe you set up funnels...
You could even be running live events and shaking 1,000 new hands to provide them the new leads they want...
So what?
Whatever you do, the means to get the result doesn't matter.
Any single bit.
Because it's always the "what-it-does list" they care about, not the "to-do list". Copywriting is without exception all about what it does. 
So let's keep it simple, too.
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The long-distance relationship with your prospects

Long distance relationship is HARD!

And unfortunately, the relationship you have with your prospects is exactly that - a long distance relationship.

You aren't physically around all the time and there are plenty of pursuers (aka competitors) who want to step in and take your spot. To make it worse, your prospects aren't devoted to you and have no responsibility to stay loyal.

Since I'm an "expert" in the long-distance stuff...

Not proud, but we're 13 hours flight apart where I flew back to the US 3 days after we started dating and 10 days after I proposed.

Here are a few tips for your relationship and marketing:

1. You're always safe on your market's side.

Put yourself in the others shoes and never do anything you wouldn't want them to do.

2. Unexpected surprises go a long way.

A romantic relationship takes effort. That's why I sent a love card every month. Your marketing isn't too different.

3. Stay in touch on a regular base.

Life get's busy but if you can't be there physically, at least emotionally. Find a time and way to stay Top of Mind Awareness with your audience at all time. (hint, hint)

4. Share your life.

Be real. Be open. And be honest. The only way to keep the relationship going is by sharing the real-life experience that happens each day. An additional benefit is you'll never run out of email topics again.

5. Don't be afraid to get vulnerable.

Don't hide your emotions. Let your audience know you're a human being, just like them. 

If you keep these tips in mind, you have yourself a keeper, both in relationship and marketing.

Of course. If you need help creating surprises to heat up the relationship with your audience, here's the most powerful e-hugs & e-kisses you can use:​apply


Blind men and an elephant

Here's an old Indian parable...

There's a group of blind men, who have never come across an elephant before. Each blind man was given a chance to feel a different part of the elephant body, but only one part, such as the side or the tusk.

Then, they each described the elephant based on their partial experience and the elephant became a column (leg), wall (side), sharp hook (tusk)...

Anything but an actual elephant. None of them are 100% wrong but none of them are correct either. 

See where I'm going?

This is the world we live in... 

The world YOUR PROSPECTS live in.

People have their own life experience, surrounding, culture, goals, desires, challenges, and fears. So they all see the world differently, from their own point of view.

This is an important lesson to keep in mind whenever you're communicating with your audiences. 

Not everyone resonates (or understands) the same message, even if you feel like you're talking about something YOU believe they need.

So what do you do?

Enters one of the least discussed but most important marketing concept - REFRAME.

The strategy to communicate your mission, solution, benefits, and features with your ideal prospects from different angles and different approaches.

Stories, checklists, Q&A...

Curiosity, bizarre, shock, desire...

Reframe your message and approach your prospects often. You never know if it's the 14th (or the 472nd, or the 6931st...) email that'll finally trigger their desire to purchase. 

And here's the quickest way to create a list of infinite angles to reframe your message and get more clients:​apply


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