The restaurants at the airport are smart.

Yesterday, at lunch, I realized that most restaurants only serve combos.

For example…

The one I ate was famous for its fish head casserole.

(Trust me, it’s not something weird like a stargazy pie… It’s actually pretty delicious.)

The combo included:

– A large spicy sha-cha soup that warms you up with one sip….

– Three deep-fried fish filets to give you an extra crunchy texture…

– A salty turkey rice that’s full of umami…

– A small dish of pickled vegetables that’s just sour enough to relieve the tiredness…

– And a small can of Coke to finish everything off!

That’s a lot of food…

…and more expensive than a regular meal. (🤷‍♂️ airport)

But when it came as a combo…

I felt compelled to buy the whole set – even when there wasn’t any discount.

So, give this some thought the next time you create a new offer.

Because discounts might be selling yourself short. (And your best prospects probably don’t even need it…)

Got to jump. Long day at Disney tomorrow. 🙂

Talk soon,