Broadcasts v.s. flows

Yesterday, I saw a post inside a Klaviyo group asking:

“I keep hearing that the first 30 days are (usually) the hottest point to convert a lead. Should I ‘pester’ them with a welcome flow until they buy?”

My question is…

When did a welcome flow become a pest?!

Look, the mission for a welcome flow is a filter.

Think of it as a “mini-course” on how to become a better customer. 

Implant new beliefs.

Encourage better customers.

And repealing people who aren’t a good fit.

Your best prospects should love you more by the end of your welcome flow. 

As for the length…

A simple answer is:

Your welcome flow should only be as long as it’s better than your broadcasts. (giving credit: I learned this from Daniel Throssell)

Imagine you’re a chef.

How do you decide what becomes a signature dish?

Well, you don’t.

Your customers make that decision.

You look at what repeated customers (regulars) order most. And those dishes become your signatures.

It’s the same for emails.

You broadcast daily – using this opportunity to test different angles and try new ideas. Then, you look at how your best prospects respond.

When you identify a winner – 

Put that email into your flows.

You’ll continue repeating this process to optimize your flows.

Okay. That’s a bit too much teaching for one day…

Signing off. 

But if you need help creating daily broadcasts… and turning winners into automated flows… then I can help. 👉

Cheering for you,