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The Big Game of Marketing

When I was studying at the University of California, Berkeley, we had a special annual event call the Big Game.
The Big Game originated as a college football rivalry between Berkeley's Golden Bears football team and Standford's Cardinal football team. The rivalry history dated back to 1892.
Since then, the Big Game has become much more than just a football rivalry. It spread across all fields of sport including basketball, tennis, swimming, etc...
It's one of the biggest events each year.
More interesting is that it's one of the few things all Berkeley students agree to. (Keep in mind that we have close to 42k students across all departments so hardly do we agree on any single thing.)
So what is it that units all 42k students?
A common enemy!
Yes, students at UC Berkeley "hate" those at Stanford and treat them as our life-long enemies. This common enemy brings together student from all departments.
And this goes the same for your business.
Your audience is a group of people, all with their own problems and goals. The easiest way to unite them all and cultivate a tribe of raving fans is to give them a common enemy.
Now, a common enemy doesn't have to be a "person." It could be a myth, a common mistake, an industry titan, or even a long-kept secret.
But it's a common obstacle stopping your audience to achieve what they want and get the result they desire... Or at least that's what your audience believe as the biggest challenge.
This is the quickest and most effective way to build a loyal customer base who stand with you...

...And pay for your products over and over again.


P.S. To cultivate a tribe of raving fans, you have to communicate with them on a regular basis so that they learn the habit of listening to what you have to say. And here's the best channel for communication that exists today :

How to solve EVERY business problem

Owning a business is challenging.
There are infinite problems you'll run into on a daily basis. For example, how to find the right target market, how to create a voice (& brand) that'll resonate with your selected market, how to turn strangers into paying clients, how to avoid bad clients, how to increase your price, how to not suck at your service, etc...
The sky's the limit for new challenges.
While every business is different, there actually does exist a Keymaster to all these problems - including both the ones you're facing right now and the ones you'll run into in the future.
Yeah, the kind of Keymaster you've seen in The Matrix movie who can open literally any door at any time.
So who's the Keymaster?
His name is Mr. Marketing.
Now before you roll your eyes, let me explain. I'm not talking about the old cliche of "get good at your marketing, not your product." 
That is total bull and you absolutely need to get good... no, get GREAT... at your product. 
But marketing helps with that, too.
With good marketing, you'll get paid well to optimize your product. You'll get actual feedback from ideal clients who care about what you have to offer. You'll have the resource to improve and outspend your competitors so that you can snowball into even more resource...
Marketing done right is like a powerful cheat-code (that's exactly what Keymaster is in the Matrix) that can fix or improve any challenges you're facing.
The only problem is...
Every business needs their own Keymaster. Luckily, you'll find some idea about where you can discover your own here:​apply


Sending email is NOT free

Most email guroos will tell you:
"Email marketing is the best marketing strategy. You don't need to fuss over all the latest social media platforms and all you need is one medium. Also, it's effective and FREE!"
But this statement is only partially true because there are a few red flags worth mentioning:
Red Flag #1: While email is without a doubt a much more direct communication channel with your prospects, it's by no mean a "replacement" for all social media platforms. Social media provides the traffic while email marketing maximizes the return.
Red Flag #2: It's true that email marketing is the most effective way to establish authority and engagement with your prospects, but email alone isn't always enough. The purpose of the email is to capture attention and invite your prospects into the customer journey, not the best way to close a sale.
Red Flag #3: Sure, you normally don't need to pay any hard-earned cash just for sending out an email, but email is certainly NOT FREE. Writing emails cost you time, sending bad emails cost you reputation (and sales), fixing the bad reputation cost you time, money, and effort.
So no, sending email is not free.
Now, the best way to make sure your email is effective and making you money is by getting someone who knows the skills of the trade to help you with it.
If you agree, here's something to think about:​apply

How the most vicious villain failed in disgrace

Could days ago, I went to watch the Mission Impossible: Fallout.

Good movie worth watching...

So spoiler alert!

Solomon Lane, a cold-blooded psychopath, is probably the most vicious villain in the Mission Impossible history...

At least he was in the previous Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.
When he's empathyless murdering his way toward the ultimate goal, he's almost unstoppable. But when he failed for the first time, to Ethan Hunt, and got obsessed over getting revenge on one man, he felt more like a whining punk in this movie and failed miserably in disgrace.
That's what happens when you forget about the bigger mission and get bog down with one setback.
When you get obsessed over one prospect, one client, one project, or one bad review, you lose focus to proceed toward the greater mission. You'll end up delegating time, money, and attention toward this one minor setback when it's rarely significant to the final goal.
If Solomon Lane didn't get obsessed over trapping and getting revenge over Ethan, the IMF team would never have enough time to find the two bombs and acquire the designator.
So next time you notice you're stopping short just to rant out on a single prospect or client, you know you too are getting overly obsessed over your Ethan Hunt.
And it's time to stop!
Also, you know who else never get bogged down with minor interference and move persistently toward their goal?
Those who have a system that keeps them focus on their greater mission:

Why is your doctor never fun?

2015 was a life-changing year in my life...
I went through 3 surgeries, multiple family members diagnosed with lung cancer, my aunt passed away... All happened during the same year. It's not hard to imagine, I visited the doctor quite a few times that year.
If you ever had the experience of visiting a doctor (if not, lucky you), you'd notice that the doctor is never "fun."
They don't like to joke around and they don't keep you around for chit chat. In fact, they want you in and out asap.
No, this has nothing to do with personality.
There are lots of doctors who can be funny, interesting, and humorous when they're at the bar with a couple beer down... when they're not a "doctor."
But when duty calls, they are the doctor.
You expect them to stand their ground and give you the most professional advice you need to hear. If you have the flu, you wouldn't want your doctor to joke about cancer just to spice things up...nor vice versa.
However, we rarely question their "professionalism" when they're not funny or interesting. We do as we're told.
For example, you don't knock on their door and complain about the office hour. You don't expect them to visit you and you come to them. You don't pretend to be a know-it-all and interfere with their practice when they're diagnosing your condition.
Now this is the same kind of authority you should hold for your own service, regardless of what type of agency you are.
Facebook advertiser, LinkedIn connector, email marketer...
You represent an authority figure with a specific knowledge your prospects don't have. Therefore, you're entrusted with the responsibility to tell the truth...
If it's not the best option, tell them. If it's not a reasonable expectation, speak out. If it's not a manageable deadline, don't appeal.
It's not your responsibility to be "fun" but IT IS your responsibility to guarantee the best service with the best result.
So toughen up and don't be afraid to stand your ground.


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Neediness Quicksand

What happens when you step into a quicksand? 
The more you struggle, the deeper you sink.
As a human being, we're programmed to struggle, to fight, and to push back under stressful events. When we face challenges or pressure, we resist.
Now look at this through your marketer lenses and you'll notice the same effect taking place on a daily base because this is what most businesses do to stay alive.
When they need more clients, they struggle, fight, and beg for prospects to "give it a try"... 

Their prospects can smell the neediness from miles away and they hold up their shield of suspicion. 
Result: Even lesser sales, and therefore, harder the struggle.
The secret to getting out of a quicksand alive?
You stay calm, be confident, and elegantly approach your prospects as a figure of authority. You take time to carefully listen to their goals, fears, and challenges... You determine whether or not you're the best, perfect fit to help them achieve their goals.
...And you do all of these EXACTLY THE SAME as you would when you have a waiting list in your pocket. Interesting how the anti-neediness will act in your favor and you'll end up attracting more clients when you're expecting less. 
Now it could be hard.
Especially when bills are due, food needs to be put on the table, and your kid's tuition needs to be paid... but you have no clue when the next client will come around.
Enters the Presell Marketing System.
It's a system designed to carry the weight of "finding the next client" so you never have to be needy again. You'll be able to sit back, relax, and be confident that a steady stream of prospects will be lining up for your service.
Too good to be true?
Then you'll have to check it out for yourself:​apply

Taking care of the little guys

At the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony Stark presented a shiny new spider suit and officially invites Peter Parker to join the Avenger team.
Peter turned it down because he just wants to take care of the little guys for now...
It's quite a smart decision. 
While Peter has superhuman abilities, he's just a 15-year-old high-school kid. To be honest, he's not mentally ready for the major league yet. 
Great power does come with great responsibility. One of that responsibility is to know how to use your power wisely.
This concept is even more crucial in the business world.
Every market is different. Every prospect has a different problem and requires a different solution. No one can be a perfect fit to solve them all. 

Understanding how you're the best fit to serve saves both you AND your clients a lot of time, money, and hassle.
Back in the days when I was still an engineering consultant...
Our firm took on any and every possible project, regardless of types and sizes. I often found myself buried in projects that are way over my head. 
A project that requires six firms, each with a team of four, to work simultaneously... I'll find myself being the only one assigned to the project. 

Tell me this isn't a guaranteed plan for failure?!
So when I started my copywriting service, I've made it my principle to only take on projects that are a perfect fit for me... even if this means focusing on helping the little guys.
I'll say yes to only the ones that I can 100% confidently promise to help them get the best result - or else no project at all. 
And your clients should expect no less from you.


P.S. If you want to work together on a project, the first step is a quick, free 30 minutes "Discovery" call:

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