All the prospects merely players

"All the world a stage..."

"And all the prospects merely players; they have their desires and fears, and one man in his time plays many parts."

Okay. I admit I borrowed most of this from Shakespeare's speech but isn't it vivid for your business as well?

Your prospects are merely players in the big world. They have their own problems, fears, goals, and desires to face. In other words, they have lots of their own business to mind.

Most business owners don't like to admit...

The fact that their prospects, even their clients, don't care about them, their services, nor their contents.

No, it's not because they have the wrong prospects or that the prospects are bad people. It's just because everyone's busy.

We all play many parts. 

To you, they might be prospects but they're also a father, a mother, a friend, an employee, a boss, a leader, a fan...

So the biggest mistake as a business owner, or a marketer, is to assume that our prospects are actively paying attention to what we have to say, all the time.

No, they're not.

We can have the best headline, the perfect lead, the ultimate offer...but the ideal prospect had a bad day (i.e. a fight with his wife or just a manic day).

And our email got no response.

It might feel like the copy failed but it's just bad luck. And this happens a lot.
Ask yourself, how many times have you "saved" an intriguing email from someone you respect to read "later". But we all know, later means never.

So stop betting on single, viral hits.

The marketing world is about quantity. To stay Top of Mind Awareness so you just might catch your prospects on a day when they're ready to take action.

Of course. Staying Top of Mind Awareness means you'll have to email frequently, 5 or 6 times a week, and that means work.

So if you're not interested in playing the part of a "writer", here's a different part you can play to get it done for you:



The most popular sport in the world

It's not a big deal in the US...

But the World Cup is one of the biggest events across the world. Soccer, or football as some call it, is the most widely played sport in the world.

Even in countries like Taiwan, where soccer isn't a thing, you can see sports bars jam-packed with one-day soccer fans rooting for the "temporary favorite country".

So what makes soccer so popular?

There are many arguable reasons from how cheap and easy you can get started all the way to how challenging the game is because you're limited to your feet.

In my opinion...

The single biggest reason that made soccer the most popular sport in the world is its simplicity.

The rule is simple.

Anyone from 9 years old to 69 years old can understand roughly what's happening on the field. 

People love simplicity and hate to "think hard".

This holds true for your marketing, too.

If you're using jargon and "GRE words" to sound smart, you lose people's attention immediately. That's why English majors often have a hard time creating copies that truly resonate and trigger buying behaviors, even though they have perfect grammar.

And that's the secret...

If you want your marketing to attract to your audience like soccer, which is more a religion than a sport to many fans...

Find out how to make the message so plain and simple that a 9 years old can understand.

If you have a hard time jumping out of the "knowledge trap" and use simpler language, here's a shortcut as powerful as a 12-yard penalty:



The long-distance relationship with your prospects

Long distance relationship is HARD!

And unfortunately, the relationship you have with your prospects is exactly that - a long distance relationship.

You aren't physically around all the time and there are plenty of pursuers (aka competitors) who want to step in and take your spot. To make it worse, your prospects aren't devoted to you and have no responsibility to stay loyal.

Since I'm an "expert" in the long-distance stuff...

Not proud, but we're 13 hours flight apart where I flew back to the US 3 days after we started dating and 10 days after I proposed.

Here are a few tips for your relationship and marketing:

1. You're always safe on your market's side.

Put yourself in the others shoes and never do anything you wouldn't want them to do.

2. Unexpected surprises go a long way.

A romantic relationship takes effort. That's why I sent a love card every month. Your marketing isn't too different.

3. Stay in touch on a regular base.

Life get's busy but if you can't be there physically, at least emotionally. Find a time and way to stay Top of Mind Awareness with your audience at all time. (hint, hint)

4. Share your life.

Be real. Be open. And be honest. The only way to keep the relationship going is by sharing the real-life experience that happens each day. An additional benefit is you'll never run out of email topics again.

5. Don't be afraid to get vulnerable.

Don't hide your emotions. Let your audience know you're a human being, just like them. 

If you keep these tips in mind, you have yourself a keeper, both in relationship and marketing.

Of course. If you need help creating surprises to heat up the relationship with your audience, here's the most powerful e-hugs & e-kisses you can use:



Campfire s’mores v.s. How to sell anything

Roasting s'mores by the campfire is one of the best memories you'll ever have.

Whether it's a couple cuddling together, warming up with the fire and a hug, randomly chatting about their lives, slowly browning the marshmallow, and happily enjoying a cup of hot chocolate...

Or perhaps a group of friends, loudly joking about embarrassing moments, sharing new dreams, catching up with the good ol' days, and making fun of each other when they burn their marshmallow...

You won't remember every single detail...

But the happy memories will stick with you for years. That's why hotels and campgrounds like to offer s'mores kits - for an outrageous price.

Four marshmallows, eight crackers, and one large chocolate bar for $40 bucks (yikes!)

This is the true art of selling (and of course, copywriting).

People don't buy because of logical reason. Otherwise, no one would spend $40 for four s'mores.

People buy because of emotional triggers.

If you can trigger people's emotion on how they'll feel once they purchase your product or service, they'll find the "logical reason" to justify the cost.

And one more reason to send daily emails because they help to explore, discover, and trigger "s'more memories" of your audience so they can't help but buy.

To create your own s'more kits, it's not too late to check this out:



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