Being relatable is better than being perfect

On December 9, 1992, the British Prime Minister announced the formal separation of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

This wasn’t a big deal to anyone who wasn’t living in the UK.

But if you look at the news and reports at the time, it’s actually really fascinating.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was so popular that she was called the people’s princess, despite having her flaws and controversies.

(And Prince Charles was usually portrayed as the “evil one.” lol)

There are a lot of factors, but…

One of the main reasons is that ordinary, everyday people find Princess Diana more “relatable.”

– She surprised Charlie with the “Uptown Girl” dance…

– She recorded herself onstage at Phantom of the Opera…

– She posed in a bikini during a conservative era…

None of these align with the image of a royal.

But these “weird” behaviors made her human…

Therefore, people loved her even more.

And this is especially true for your business.

It’s okay not to be perfect.

It’s okay to mess up an order and ADMIT you messed up.

It’s okay to wear your “coat of arms” with pride.

Your people will love you more for “being human.”

Because people want to buy from people, not faceless corps.

Cheering for you,