be careful when they’re too confident

The other day, I saw two fitness experts discussing how – 

The more experienced you are, the less claims you’ll make.

To give you an example:

If someone asks, “Can I lose weight if I exercise more?”

A newbie guru will promise, “You’ll 100% lose more weight.”

On the other hand…

A real expert knows that it all depends on the context.

What if…

The need to exercise creates too much stress, causing obesity.

I find this true for marketing as well.

When a prospect asks me:

“Based on my list size, how much will I make?”

I can pull a number out of thin air… and lie.

Or I can be brutally honest and say, “No one knows for sure.”

Because when it comes to email marketing, context matters.

  • How well do you know your market?
  • How’s your deliverability?
  • What’s your relationship with the list?
  • How often do you email?
  • What’s the offer?
  • etc

The only way to find out is to test.

And that’s why I always like to start a partnership with a trial promotion.

We’ll create a promotional campaign. Run it to your list. And look at the result in real-time. We can then decide if we like working together…

…or part as friends.

Think of it as dating a few times before committing to a long-term relationship.


That said, if you want to find out how much you can make with your email list, let’s date… I mean, let’s test.

Cheering for you,