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All the prospects merely players

"All the world a stage..."

"And all the prospects merely players; they have their desires and fears, and one man in his time plays many parts."

Okay. I admit I borrowed most of this from Shakespeare's speech but isn't it vivid for your business as well?

Your prospects are merely players in the big world. They have their own problems, fears, goals, and desires to face. In other words, they have lots of their own business to mind.

Most business owners don't like to admit...

The fact that their prospects, even their clients, don't care about them, their services, nor their contents.

No, it's not because they have the wrong prospects or that the prospects are bad people. It's just because everyone's busy.

We all play many parts. 

To you, they might be prospects but they're also a father, a mother, a friend, an employee, a boss, a leader, a fan...

So the biggest mistake as a business owner, or a marketer, is to assume that our prospects are actively paying attention to what we have to say, all the time.

No, they're not.

We can have the best headline, the perfect lead, the ultimate offer...but the ideal prospect had a bad day (i.e. a fight with his wife or just a manic day).

And our email got no response.

It might feel like the copy failed but it's just bad luck. And this happens a lot.
Ask yourself, how many times have you "saved" an intriguing email from someone you respect to read "later". But we all know, later means never.

So stop betting on single, viral hits.

The marketing world is about quantity. To stay Top of Mind Awareness so you just might catch your prospects on a day when they're ready to take action.

Of course. Staying Top of Mind Awareness means you'll have to email frequently, 5 or 6 times a week, and that means work.

So if you're not interested in playing the part of a "writer", here's a different part you can play to get it done for you:



The most popular sport in the world

It's not a big deal in the US...

But the World Cup is one of the biggest events across the world. Soccer, or football as some call it, is the most widely played sport in the world.

Even in countries like Taiwan, where soccer isn't a thing, you can see sports bars jam-packed with one-day soccer fans rooting for the "temporary favorite country".

So what makes soccer so popular?

There are many arguable reasons from how cheap and easy you can get started all the way to how challenging the game is because you're limited to your feet.

In my opinion...

The single biggest reason that made soccer the most popular sport in the world is its simplicity.

The rule is simple.

Anyone from 9 years old to 69 years old can understand roughly what's happening on the field. 

People love simplicity and hate to "think hard".

This holds true for your marketing, too.

If you're using jargon and "GRE words" to sound smart, you lose people's attention immediately. That's why English majors often have a hard time creating copies that truly resonate and trigger buying behaviors, even though they have perfect grammar.

And that's the secret...

If you want your marketing to attract to your audience like soccer, which is more a religion than a sport to many fans...

Find out how to make the message so plain and simple that a 9 years old can understand.

If you have a hard time jumping out of the "knowledge trap" and use simpler language, here's a shortcut as powerful as a 12-yard penalty:



The long-distance relationship with your prospects

Long distance relationship is HARD!

And unfortunately, the relationship you have with your prospects is exactly that - a long distance relationship.

You aren't physically around all the time and there are plenty of pursuers (aka competitors) who want to step in and take your spot. To make it worse, your prospects aren't devoted to you and have no responsibility to stay loyal.

Since I'm an "expert" in the long-distance stuff...

Not proud, but we're 13 hours flight apart where I flew back to the US 3 days after we started dating and 10 days after I proposed.

Here are a few tips for your relationship and marketing:

1. You're always safe on your market's side.

Put yourself in the others shoes and never do anything you wouldn't want them to do.

2. Unexpected surprises go a long way.

A romantic relationship takes effort. That's why I sent a love card every month. Your marketing isn't too different.

3. Stay in touch on a regular base.

Life get's busy but if you can't be there physically, at least emotionally. Find a time and way to stay Top of Mind Awareness with your audience at all time. (hint, hint)

4. Share your life.

Be real. Be open. And be honest. The only way to keep the relationship going is by sharing the real-life experience that happens each day. An additional benefit is you'll never run out of email topics again.

5. Don't be afraid to get vulnerable.

Don't hide your emotions. Let your audience know you're a human being, just like them. 

If you keep these tips in mind, you have yourself a keeper, both in relationship and marketing.

Of course. If you need help creating surprises to heat up the relationship with your audience, here's the most powerful e-hugs & e-kisses you can use:



Campfire s’mores v.s. How to sell anything

Roasting s'mores by the campfire is one of the best memories you'll ever have.

Whether it's a couple cuddling together, warming up with the fire and a hug, randomly chatting about their lives, slowly browning the marshmallow, and happily enjoying a cup of hot chocolate...

Or perhaps a group of friends, loudly joking about embarrassing moments, sharing new dreams, catching up with the good ol' days, and making fun of each other when they burn their marshmallow...

You won't remember every single detail...

But the happy memories will stick with you for years. That's why hotels and campgrounds like to offer s'mores kits - for an outrageous price.

Four marshmallows, eight crackers, and one large chocolate bar for $40 bucks (yikes!)

This is the true art of selling (and of course, copywriting).

People don't buy because of logical reason. Otherwise, no one would spend $40 for four s'mores.

People buy because of emotional triggers.

If you can trigger people's emotion on how they'll feel once they purchase your product or service, they'll find the "logical reason" to justify the cost.

And one more reason to send daily emails because they help to explore, discover, and trigger "s'more memories" of your audience so they can't help but buy.

To create your own s'more kits, it's not too late to check this out:



Blind men and an elephant

Here's an old Indian parable...

There's a group of blind men, who have never come across an elephant before. Each blind man was given a chance to feel a different part of the elephant body, but only one part, such as the side or the tusk.

Then, they each described the elephant based on their partial experience and the elephant became a column (leg), wall (side), sharp hook (tusk)...

Anything but an actual elephant. None of them are 100% wrong but none of them are correct either. 

See where I'm going?

This is the world we live in... 

The world YOUR PROSPECTS live in.

People have their own life experience, surrounding, culture, goals, desires, challenges, and fears. So they all see the world differently, from their own point of view.

This is an important lesson to keep in mind whenever you're communicating with your audiences. 

Not everyone resonates (or understands) the same message, even if you feel like you're talking about something YOU believe they need.

So what do you do?

Enters one of the least discussed but most important marketing concept - REFRAME.

The strategy to communicate your mission, solution, benefits, and features with your ideal prospects from different angles and different approaches.

Stories, checklists, Q&A...

Curiosity, bizarre, shock, desire...

Reframe your message and approach your prospects often. You never know if it's the 14th (or the 472nd, or the 6931st...) email that'll finally trigger their desire to purchase. 

And here's the quickest way to create a list of infinite angles to reframe your message and get more clients:



Tom Cruise’s Secrets to Email Marketing

"Why isn't Tom Cruise in Marvel or DC?"

"Because Tom Cruise is a superhero himself!"

I'm not joking. I actually saw this conversation under a YouTube clip and it's the true belief of millions of die-hard Cruise fans all over the world.

So, besides being good at acting, what's the "secrets" to Tom's success and how can you become a superstar in your email marketing with these secrets?

I once saw an episode of Graham Norton Show with Tom Cruise and the cast of Mission Impossible 6. They played a short video clip where Tom leaped across two building...crashed his foot on the building and broke his ankle.

The next thing, Tom climbed onto the roof and started running!

Another time, I was watching the Late Late Show where James Cordon acted out all Tom's movies with Tom. It's so long that they were out of breath when they finally finished.

And these two videos reveals the top three secrets to create a superstar email marketing for your business.

*pull back the curtain*

You see, Tom doesn't use a body double. He does all the stunts himself. Why?

Because the audience came to see TOM.

Tom understands how the stunt works better than any body double and you can never capture the full scene unless it's Tom himself.

So regardless of the risk, he's doing it. (I bet the insurance company doesn't like it.)

Beside being authentically himself, Tom also understands the power of quantity and variety. So he explores different genres, various characters, and makes lots of movies.

And here you go:

1. Authenticity: Don't be afraid to risk your "image" and put yourself out in front of your audience.

2. Reframe: Only a fraction of your audience will resonate with one particular message. So approach and reframe from all different angles (and styles) to resonate with more people.

3. Quantity: Stop betting on one viral email. Leadership is built with consistency and quantity, not just luck.

Of course, if you're hitting a wall where you feel like you're the body double not the superstar of your movie, I'm here to help:



Good to Great: A Ritz-Carlton Story

Last month, I had the chance to stay at two different hotels a day apart, and the experience was interesting.


It's a special occasion. It's the first vacation after she said "Yes" to my proposal AND it happened to be my 30th birthday. So I reached out to both hotels to see if they can help make it more romantic. 

The Senza Hotel promised chocolate-covered strawberry (free), a bottle of champagne (free), and some roses (not free).

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel promised rose petals, a personal card, and a photo of our choice (all free).

So I went with the strawberry at Senza and everything they offered at Ritz. 

I was excited, and this was what happened: 

Senza Hotel, Napa

The Senza Hotel has great reviews on Yelp, amazing location (20-min from all major wineries), pool, spa, top-notch room, Bouchon breakfast, and a vineyard right outside of our room.

In fact, we picked the hotel BECAUSE of my fiancee's dream to "sleep within the vineyard".

It turns out, the hotel was good but, unfortunately, not great.

I entered the room ready to surprise my fiancee with some yummy chocolate-covered strawberry...

...except that there was no strawberry. 

You can imagine my disappointment.

Sure, it's not something on the regular venue but a promise is a promise. It's like planning a proposal dinner with flowers and wedding ring expect the flower was forgotten.

(Thankfully, I didn't plan my actual proposal here.)

But the story didn't stop here. We accidentally forgot a bag of stuff when we checked-out. 

It's just two, three things we bought at Napa...but no one at the hotel contacted us so we searched forever.

Eventually, I had to call them myself. 

After a long back-and-forth, they finally confirmed that they do have our stuff at the lost and found area. I asked them to ship it to us and thanked them for their help.

Until the next day...

I received an email asking us to "come pick it up" because the shipping will cost $35 + tax (yes, we have to pay for this ourselves, too) and since it's "just a few items".

There's only one problem...

We're just here to VISIT and we're not in Napa anymore.

Now, it's our own mistake and paying for shipping is fine, even though it is outrageously expensive considering that we've just spent $300 for the night.

But it gets even worse because I emailed back and no response.

A month later, no package.

The bitterness in our special vacation.

But here's a different story, just a day before...

Ritz Carlton Hotel, Half Moon Bay

When we swiped open our door...

There's an "I Love You" spelled out with rose petals on the bed, a personal card in the middle, a photo of us on the bedside...

AND a bottle of champagne plus a chocolate cake waiting on the table!
(Something I sure wasn't expecting.)

They went above and beyond to make our trip special.

And it's not just our special welcoming, it's the whole experience. Literally, every single member of the hotel is eager to help. We couldn't stop for a minute with hesitation before an employee approaches us with assistance.

Needless to say, we had the best vacation ever.

Two very different stories about good and GREAT.

Any hotel can be good on the infrastructure, Senza is even newer than Ritz-Carlton, but what makes a hotel great is the service, the memories, and the extra millages.

You don't need to guess which one we'll be recommending.

And if you want YOUR clients to go out of their way to refer you to their friends, find out how you can make their experience GREAT, not just good.



P.S. Today's email is a lot longer than normal...

It's because I just have to share with you how amazing the experience was with Ritz-Carlton. 

If you have amazing stories of your clients, you'll want to have a channel to share them with your audience as well. And it's not too late to start building your channel today:


The Birds and the Bees

It's always awkward to have The Talk.

Whether it's with your parent or with your kids. Around 9 - 15 years old, the little ones start going through puberty and become curious about "where they came from".

Should we be medical?

Use metaphor? (Hence the birds and bee talk.)

Be vague? Or specific?

It's a hard choice but there are three things we know for sure: 

1) It's extremely important,

2) Most schools do a terrible job on sex ed,

3) Eventually, it'll happen - with or without the proper parenting.

We could hide and avoid altogether hoping the kids will automatically get the right education - which never works because of their peers...

(True story: A lot of my friends grew up believing they were brought home from the dumpster because their parents told them so...terrible, terrible thing to say.)

Or you could get ready for it. Systematically guide them through their puberty until they are fully educated with the right concepts.

My opinion: the latter choice is 101 times better.

And selling is no different.

Doesn't matter if it's a video, an audio, a long-form sales page, a webinar, or a strategy session...

Eventually, as a business owner, we'll need to ask for the sale. It's extremely important and it doesn't happen automatically.

Instead of avoiding the selling, you'll want to systematically build up the sales through the process so that you are ONLY talking to qualified prospects who are presold and ready to get great results.

So if you're frustrated about how to give your prospects the Birds and Bees Talk so they get the right "sales ed", this is for you:



Make America Great Again…?

No politic today.

Although to be fair, President Trump's favorite tagline does have loads of copywriting lessons we could learn from. 

But let's save that for another day...

Yesterday we celebrated the Independence Day. So today, let's discuss why and how America became the most powerful country in the world for the past century.

American is built upon the Great American Dream.

The land of freedom where everyone gets a fair fight. Equal opportunities to change their lives and make dreams come true.

(Whether or not it's still the case is debatable but it was the dream everyone was presold.)

Over the past centuries, immigrants came sailing in from around the world for new opportunities. Some for gold, some for safety, some for religious freedom, some for a new career, and some to escape the war...

A lot of these immigrants are brilliant (and hardworking) people.

How can they not be?

It takes a kind of commitment, dedication, and persistent to travel across the ocean and plant their root on the new land.

And the massive variety of new culture, brilliant scientists, hardworking workers, and dedicated business owners are what made America the most powerful country.

So it goes the same for your business because this is the same type of character to build a successful business.

Want to become the leader in your industry? 

Accept and welcome new ideas, fresh insights, different culture, and other people's brilliance. Learn, absorb, and adapt it to YOUR IDEAS.

And, of course, share it every single day (https://wuyenhsu.com/apply).

This is how you can make your business great again.


Today we celebrate our Independence Day

It's 4th of July!

I was in the mood for some old-school movie yesterday so I spent some time rewatching one of the best: Independence Day.

Near the end, there's a scene where the President round up the remaining pilots (the fighters, the farmers...and whatever pilots they have left) to give one of the most acclaimed speeches in the Hollywood history.

"We are fighting for our right to live. To exist."

"And should we win today, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day world declared in one voice..." 

"We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!"

It's a scene with tremendous power...

...Even if you're not an American patriot. (Hey, I first watched the movie when I was in elementary school, and I'm not even a US citizen, but I still felt the thrill.)

They don't know if they'll win.

The truth is most likely something WILL go wrong (and many did) and everyone along with mankind would have all die.

Think about it...

  1. They're sending Captain Steven with an alien spaceship which they have no clue, 
  2. Carrying out an outrageous plan, 
  3. Heading into the unknown mothership, 
  4. Accompanying an out-of-nowhere cable company genius call David, 
  5. Implanting a virus developed by this cable guy, 
  6. Destroying a power-force that's far advanced than Earth, 
  7. Dropping a nuke, 
  8. Escaping within 30 seconds, 
  9. AND all the pilots still have to win the battle.

That's what you call "May the odds be ever in your favor".

But it's fight or die...so they fought.  

Now, you can easily declare all this just a movie plot but it's actually not much different in real life. And if you understand this power, apply it to your marketing, it'll make you unstoppable (and yes, lots of money).

In marketing, nothing is for sure a success.

It doesn't matter if you're Jeff Walker doing another PLF launch, Russell Brunson creating a new Perfect Webinar, or Ryan Levesque sending out a new survey.

Anything can (and will) happen.

Last time it's a failed offer...

This time it's a flopping campaign...

Next time it's a technical failure...

But you fight on because you know the weight of the other end - the survival of your business and every person you love who depends on it.

Yes, the odd is rarely in your favor but you DEFINITELY will not survive without giving it a fight. So you will not vanish without a fight, and you're going to survive.  

And let us celebrate Independence Day.



P.S. One of the 4592861 reasons (and counting) to partner up with an experienced fighter pilot like Captain Steve is to ever slightly increase your chance of winning the battle.

No one can guarantee success.

But a fighter (aka copywriter) sure can stack the odds in your favor and help you strike out with full force...or relaunch a counter-attack even if you didn't win the first battle.

So if you're looking for your next Captain who can help send your genius work into the unknown space and win the battle, you'll want to check out this advanced spaceship:


The Bell and the Cat

Once upon a time...

There's a family of mice. They've been living in the fear of a Cat. So one day, they come together to discuss. To come up with a possible idea to defeat the Cat.

After much discussion...

One young Mouse has a brilliant idea!

"We can't beat it but if we put a bell around the Cat's neck. Now we can ALL hear when the Cat approaches!"

Every Mouse cheers because they'll never be afraid of the Cat again...until one wise Mouse (let's call him Wu) says:

"This is a great idea."

"But who'll put the bell ON the Cat?"

The fable tells it all.

Ideas are great but ideas without EXECUTION are worthless. So, if you're not into writing, then you're in luck. Stop pulling your hair out and have me do it for you:



Stephen Curry’s $130 Jerseys

As you might know, the Warrior won the champion, again.

Personally, I don't follow NBA (nor MLB, nor NFL...) but since I do live near San Francisco and Oakland, it's a pretty big deal here.

They even had a victory parade at Oakland three weeks ago.

The interesting thing I did notice, as a marketing geek, is how the industry leverage the championship to jack up the price for all Warrior related accessories.

$130 Curry shoes...

$65 Warrior caps...

$130 Number 30 jerseys...

Doesn't matter how good the quality, no jersey can justify a cost of $130. But why do fans all over the world willing to pay an outrageous price for a shirt that usually cost $29.99?

It's the build-up (aka presell).

The excitement, the buzz, the commercials, the happy memories of watching the games with friends, even the good beer they had throughout the season.

From before the season all the way till after the championship. All these experiences and stories stack up the perceived value of this simple yellow and blue jersey so that now it's worth $130 or more for the right prospects.

And you can create the same kind of brand awareness. 

Increase the perceived value of your services or products so that you stand out differently and worth much higher value compared to each and every competitor in the market.

Of course, IMHO, the quickest, most effective, and cheapest way to stack value are to immerse your prospects with happy memories of reading your emails, this way:



P.S. In my opinion, the best marketing messages are all built upon storytelling. Recent news (like this one), live events, normal day experiences, books, articles, TV, movies, or literally any story.

Story triggers emotion, create engagement and makes your email fun to read.

To prove my point, I've decided to do a "Storytelling Challenge" this month and publish one small story each day of this month.

And if you want to see how it can be done for your business to get more clients and make more money, watch this:


The Lady of the Castle

Two weeks ago, my fiancee and I celebrated my birthday at Castello di Amorosa, the renowned winery castle in Napa Valley.

During our Wine & Cheese Paring Tour, Natalia introduced us to a specifically reserved wine nicknamed: 

"The Lady of the Castle" 

The wine was amazing but what really struck me was how Natalia described it.

"Wine is not for drinking. I'm Russian, so I know. *wink*  Wine is a story, a journey, an experience. You take the tour, see how it's made, discover how it's aged, watch how it's poured, smell it, drink it, then enjoy the full story of the wine. That's why Dario Sattui (owner of the castle) ONLY sell his wine at his winery...after you've had the chance to take in the full experience."

Now, I know nothing about wine. 

But I love this journey and everything that happened during it is an unforgettable memory for us - especially since it's a special occasion. It becomes a story no other winery can replace.

Same for your business.

For your prospects: how do they meet you, how do you introduce yourself, what's the story, how's the experience, will they enjoy every single minute of the journey?

If so, no competitors will ever be able to lure your clients away.


P.S. Part of creating a memorable journey is to not only provide excellent service but also stay TOMA (top of mind awareness). 

The best way to do so is by interacting on a regular base - by daily emails. And if you want emails that enhance the journey like a perfectly made wine, check out:


A millions way to die in your business

If you're okay with four-letter bombs in your movie, I'll recommend watching "A Million Ways To Die In The West".

Of course, Seth MacFarlane added his own twist for comedy purpose but it's still an appropriate picture of the time.

It is, after all, a tough and dangerous time in the Wild West during the gold rush.

Snake, disease, gunfight, wild animal... 

Literally, anything can kill you, EASILY!

However, with all the risk stacking against survival, why do some many people still follow the craziness and went for the gold?

Because it's worth it.

Not just for the gold itself, but a chance to change their life once and for all. A chance to be rich, be free and live differently. A chance to prove you're better and that you're meant for greatness.

Sound familiar?

It's just like your business.

There are a million ways that can kill your business. Debt, no client, bad clients, fraud, natural disaster...

But isn't the chance to change your life, get rich, do great things worth the risk? Otherwise, you would have settle for the "safe route" and got yourself a 9-5 job long time ago.

So it doesn't matter how dangerous or risky it can be, how little the success rate everyone else is telling you, or how your closest friends are telling you to be more realistic.

Fight for your dream, your business, and your chance to change your life. Never EVER let anyone take it away from you.


P.S. While I can't help you eliminate every single risk that might kill your business but I can help you avoid ONE of them - not having prospects lining up to pay for your service or product:

Here's how: https//wuyenhsu.com/apply

Email Marketing Midas Touch?

I got this question recently:

"Is there any limit to email marketing? For example, types of product, the range of price, or specific markets that don't work?"

Okay, great question. There are definitely email marketing dos and don'ts. After all, it's not the Midas Touch and it can't turn everything into gold with a tap of the finger.

(Although I'll argue that it's probably the closest among all marketing strategies.) 

Today, let's clear the ground, once and for all.

"Is there a particular market or niche that works terribly with email marketing?"

Absolutely. A market that doesn't have or read emails.

Even though email is THE MOST widely used channel but there are still several markets where it's not a thing.

For example, if we're working in a market consist of seventy years old grandma and grandpa, who still insist on using the landline, I won't rely on email.

Another example, the China market. The market is so adapted to using WeChat it's next to impossible to reach your audience effectively through email.

But other than the physical obstacle where people don't read email at all, I've seen it work in pretty much all market.

I've even helped three girls sell adult toys to their email list and we saw some crazy 90% open rate.

Bottom line, email is still very much the most effective, cheapest, and direct mass-audience communication channel.

"Is there a type of product or service that isn't appropriate with email marketing?"

Maybe a bad one?

Otherwise, I haven't seen one yet. Now, if you're sending people from an email straight to a checkout page, it doesn't work well with offers above $200 (in my experience).

But if you're using email marketing to trigger curiosity and increase your engagement so that more people reach out to you and see your sales message, it'll work regardless of what you're selling.

"What kind of price range can email marketing support?"

Again, it depends on how you use it and with the awareness level of the audience.

The sky's the limit when you get creative with your funnel or when you're talking to red-hot raving fans.

So yeah, don't expect you can sell a car with just one email asking for a credit card, but you can expect significantly MORE people coming to test drive your car the next weekend.

Okay, let's all for now. Since the ground is clear, you can pursue this link to find the closest thing to Midas Touch in the marketing world:



17 Fun Facts About Daily Emails

Most of you know I'm a big fan of daily emails (duh!).

But little people know exactly how fun it can be if you're doing it the right way. So today, let me share with you 17 reasons why I love daily emails so much.

1. It's therapeutic when you let free of your thoughts in each email.

2. And it does get better... (with practice)

3. And quicker... (with time)

4. And, eventually, easier to write... (with time & practice)

5. But unlike fixed autoresponder, it keeps your topic relevant.

6. Which optimizes your SEO (when you maximize your effort)

7. End up making you more money...

8. And don't worry, you actually won't piss-off as many people as you think you will.

9. Because you're actually just getting rid of dead weight - people who don't want to listen to you and won't buy from you anyway...

10. This gives you the freedom to polarize and lead...

11. Which helps you create your own cult (-ure) and gather a group of raving fans to support your mission.

12. So you can share your big and small wins with people who truly care...and are happy for your success.

13. But it's still perfectly fine to make mistakes because they'll only become another new email tomorrow.

14. Which makes you invincible because any setbacks are just another story.

15. Meaning that you'll actually never run out of ideas...

16. And end up able to grind out tomorrow's email while you roast some s'more (what I'm doing right now)...

17. The best part - even if you miss a day or two, it's not the end of the world and the Sun will still rise tomorrow.

Fun, right? *wink*

So I'll head back to my s'more while you think about it.

But if you're still not convinced that you can write emails every day, no biggy. Because you can discover another way to have these emails written FOR YOU here:



One-Star Yelp Reviews

If you live in the US, you've probably heard of Yelp.

(If you haven't, it's a pretty useful restaurant review app.)

But if you have any friends in the restaurant business, you've definitely heard of horror stories about how this industry giant crushes down on small ma & pa restaurants.

They're influential.

So when they come after small ma & pa restaurants with threats to promote bad reviews, remove ranking, and destroy their publicity, it's scary. This Goliath has become the evil monster that no one can escape from but everyone hates, kind of like Microsoft.

Most restaurant owners give in.

Hey, a couple hundred bucks a month on advertising budget isn't a big deal if it gets the monster off your butt.

But there's a little Italian Bistro near my place who decided to be the David who challenges the Goliath, head on.

"Help us leave an ONE-star review on Yelp to get a free pizza."

Instead of being terrified of getting one-star reviews, like most restaurants, they invited them in. Heck, they're even willing to pay for them with free pizza!

So how did it turn out?

1. Massive coverage on both local and online news, for FREE!
2. Cultivate a fan base of people who are also disgusted about how Yelp operates.
3. Bulk of new customers - some for curiosity and others for the free pizza.
4. Past customer coming back - because the food is awesome and all they really need is to be reminded.
5. Yelp REMOVING lots of their one-star reviews.

Yes, it's funny but true. 

Yelp actually removed hundreds of one-star reviews just to boost them back up to a three-star average. 

And guess what?

They'll NEVER be under the influence of Yelp again. People can't even tell if it's actually bad reviews or free pizza (brilliant)!

Now, here's a secret most people DON'T know. How were they even able to start this crusade against Yelp in the first place?

It's because they have an email list of raving fans. A list where they email hilarious newsletter regularly, both to promote new menu and make fun of dumb customers. This email list was where everything first started!

And if you want to find out how you can also build your own cult of raving fans, visit here:



P.S. I'm in no way implying you should make fun of your customers and call them by names... This bistro does take it a little too far sometimes because that's their style.

But you DO want to make your emails infotainment (10% informational + 90% entertainment). And you can find out about how to create "cult attracting" emails here:


Coaches, it’s not about you…

Hold your fires, coaches!

You see, yesterday I sent out an email about how "Breakthrough Session" is often misused (and sometimes straight-out lying) in a lot of the industries.

Especially in the coaching industry.

As predicted, I got quite a few hostile replies from coaches who truly believe they're doing God's work.

Okay guys, hold your fire for now. Let's answer some of the responses first and you can fire later - if you're still mad.

"I honestly do believe I'm here to do God's work."

Good for you, I guess.

Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. No one really knows for sure because even if you didn't believe it at first, you'll start believing after repeating it 100 times to yourself.

But it really doesn't matter because God's work or not, man gotta eat.
If you're helping people achieve transformation result in their lives, then it's even more important for you to understand the marketing side of your business so you can reach more people. 

If you're not getting people good result...then it doesn't matter what YOU think at all.

End of the day, you're in business so start treating it like a serious business, not some part-time hobby.

"People really do get amazing results through these Breakthrough Session."
Sure, that could very well be true.

Some people do have the ability to help others get some amazing results in a few short minutes, not just a "warm fuzzy feeling". 

If that's you, congrats. 

But here's the real question: 

After the session, does the breakthrough last? ...Or do they still have to "pay" you to actually solve their problem? 

If they get the result on the spot and don't need to work with you anymore, then I honestly don't know how you pay your bills. If they still need to invest to work with you for a real solution (which is totally fine from a business standpoint) then at least stop making claims that your Breakthrough Session is some magic pill and be afraid to even mention there's a catch.

For some reason, lots of coaches feel like it's guilty (or dirty) to ask for money and get paid for helping people. 

Beats me.

Here's the thing: it's totally legit to get paid GOOD for your hard work. So stop pretending you're in it for pure goodwill and start getting serious about the "boring marketing stuff".

Hmm, let's do one more.

"Why are you picking on coaches?"

Well, I'm not.

If you feel offended as a coach, most likely it's because you (too) felt like there're too many "self-proclaimed coaches" asking for thousands of dollar without really knowing what they're doing.

But don't get me wrong...

I have nothing against coaches (or offering free coaching sessions). In fact, I personally hire coaches all the time. Jamie and Omar have both been of great help in my business and health. 

I believe a true coach is someone who:

1. Provide you with guidance.
2. Review and critique your works.
3. Introduce you to new approaches.
4. Connect you with valuable resources.
5. Has ACTUALLY achieved your goal.

If you answered yes to all five above, then you should really check out (https://wuyenhsu.com/apply) and find a better way to market yourself because the world needs to hear from you. 


Breakthrough Session? Who’re we kidding?

You've probably heard this before:


"I'm offering a FREE Breakthrough Session during which you'll get crystal clear on your ultimate path to success, uncover any hidden challenges that may be standing in your way, and leave the session ready to reach your goals faster and easier than you thought it's possible."

"I'm here only to serve you, for FREE, and let God take care of the rest...(aka selling)."


This statement seems to be catching on, especially in the coaching industry. 

Yup, I've even tested it myself - that's before I realize I'm not a coach and how BS this all sounds.

Promoted by big-name guroos, more and more coaches bought into the idea that they can have no particular expertise, mention nothing about their fees, and start their coaching career by charging $1,000 per session.

Seriously, who're we kidding?!
Maybe this "hide your intention to sell" technique will work once (or even twice) but the market will eventually catch up and realize that it's just a fad. They definitely will NOT become repeating clients who continuously pay for your services or products.

Let's face it.

The market is getting smarter (and more suspicious) because people know the man got to eat, they also know it's a sales call, and they absolutely know you're not really going to "solve" anything for them on the spot.

So my guess is...

The reason why this method is so popular is because most business owners are terrified (and suck) at selling. So the only way they won't get paralyzed to ask for money is by convincing THEMSELVES that it's not about the sales.

The truth is there's a better way of selling.

A system that makes sure you attract and presell your offer BEFORE you even talk to your prospects for the first time. A system that carries the weight of selling so that you don't have to "pretend" you're in for a charity but run a serious business - a business built upon getting your clients good result.

You can check out the system here:



Fight for your kids

If you're a parent...

And your kids are in danger, or desperate need of your help, what would you do?

I'm guessing anything, right?

It's always amazing (but not surprising) to see all the mind-blowing things a parent would do to keep their children safe. 

There's mom who ran and hopped on a bus to save her daughter from a bus driver seizure. There's dad who dueled a gunman to protect his baby. There's parent who both donates a lung to save their son.

Courageous stories like these happen all the time because we're programmed to do everything we can to fight for our kids.

So how about your other kid - your business?
It's also a baby of yours where YOU gave birth to the idea, work hard to make it possible, and hustle to keep it growing, right?
Are you ready to fight tooth and nail - do whatever it takes within the ethical boundary - to see it grow up proud and strong?
Because if you're not, you're in the wrong business.

Not everyone is meant to start a business and become a business owner. In fact, you can make a perfectly fine living just by following orders.

Calling yourself an entrepreneur doesn't automatically make you cool or attractive. It takes some kind of courage, commitment, and hard work to build a business.

Not too different from raising a kid.

So the next time you feel like it's hard, and you want to give up...
Or if you're having trouble getting up in the morning, don't feel like working on Monday, or perhaps you're tired and frustrated about all the challenges you're facing...

Ask yourself:
"Why did I start my business?"

"What's the mission I set off to accomplish?"

"Why is it so important?" (seven times)

And finally...

"Anything changed?"

If nothing changed, and you're still dedicated to seeing your business succeed, then you'll become unstoppable for whatever challenges come your way.

So fight on.


P.S. The best article I've ever read about fighting for your ideas is written by Jon Morrow, titled: "On Dying, Mothers, and Fighting For Your Ideas". It's the one article that every business owner should spend 5 minutes reading today, if not yesterday! 

Now, just to be clear... 

I don't believe what Jon teaches (build a business with blogging) is the best approach. I talk about what is a better and faster way to get more clients here:


But regardless, as a business owner, you should still read the article five times.