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Taking care of the little guys

At the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony Stark presented a shiny new spider suit and officially invites Peter Parker to join the Avenger team.
Peter turned it down because he just wants to take care of the little guys for now...
It's quite a smart decision. 
While Peter has superhuman abilities, he's just a 15-year-old high-school kid. To be honest, he's not mentally ready for the major league yet. 
Great power does come with great responsibility. One of that responsibility is to know how to use your power wisely.
This concept is even more crucial in the business world.
Every market is different. Every prospect has a different problem and requires a different solution. No one can be a perfect fit to solve them all. 

Understanding how you're the best fit to serve saves both you AND your clients a lot of time, money, and hassle.
Back in the days when I was still an engineering consultant...
Our firm took on any and every possible project, regardless of types and sizes. I often found myself buried in projects that are way over my head. 
A project that requires six firms, each with a team of four, to work simultaneously... I'll find myself being the only one assigned to the project. 

Tell me this isn't a guaranteed plan for failure?!
So when I started my copywriting service, I've made it my principle to only take on projects that are a perfect fit for me... even if this means focusing on helping the little guys.
I'll say yes to only the ones that I can 100% confidently promise to help them get the best result - or else no project at all. 
And your clients should expect no less from you.


P.S. If you want to work together on a project, the first step is a quick, free 30 minutes "Discovery" call: https://wuyenhsu.com/apply

Mindful Email Meditation

A while back, I was studying the art and science of mindfulness meditation. One of the concepts really stuck with me:
"Most people misunderstood the concept of mindfulness meditation. They believe you have to sit with certain posture, repeat a mantra, and play some meditation music in the background. All this to get you into the form."

"The truth is mindfulness is simply paying attention to the present. You can practice mindfulness meditation anywhere - while you shower, eat, or wait for the red light..."

This is quite an aha-moment for email marketing. 
You see, email doesn't come with any textbook formula. Most people think writing email is hard because you have to follow certain principles, stick to a certain structure, and obey certain rules for it to be an email. 
In some way, it's true.
Writing email isn't easy and it takes practice. There are also certain principles that'll make your emails more effective.
On the other hand, writing emails isn't complicated.
You find ideas from everyday stories, experiences, and even the most mundane chores. When you focus your attention on the present moment, you can find unique angles that'll lead toward more sales effortlessly.
Here's some example from the past months:
1. To -Do List Isn't What They Want was inspired by an email I came across the other day. Yet it reveals one of the biggest reason why certain copy fails while other pull massive success.
2. The Pilot's Checklist was a small story I heard from a friend. The small chat reminded me how many businesses fail to provide an extraordinary service due to the same reason why air-transportation used to be so dangerous.
3. How Getting Naked Gets You More Clients was a YouTube clip I saw that gave me an aha-moment on how to attract more clients...and a good laugh.
4. The Lucky Friday The 13th was inspired by all the Friday 13th discount sales I saw on Amazon. It also opened eyes to a deeper understanding of how to double or triple your revenue from your backyard.
Fat Eating Experiment was an idea born through my personal experiment in eating a ketogenic diet. The fact that I was not following the standard eating guideline yet getting a much better result, just like the marketing world.
And I can go on but I think you get the point.
Now, maybe you're not into practicing mindfulness meditation but today's your lucky day. While I can't help you meditate, I can help you craft mindful emails like these:


The pitfall of funnel hacking

Funnel Hacking is a concept made famous by Russell Brunson.
In short, it's the act of spending a few hundred bucks on ClickBank and clone out your main competitor's sales funnel.
You document everything and study intensively to find out what's working in the market.
The concept is good but misleading.
Most people understand it completely wrong and thought you should copy, swipe, and plagiarise your competitor's marketing message word-to-word. Thus end up becoming the #317 look-alike marketer in the niche.
End result: destroying the whole market.
With so many "swiped" copy flying around and shouting for attention, soon, the market will be jaded and everyone loses.
Here's the thing: 
It's actually funnel "hacking", not funnel "copying".
The strategy is to go behind the funnel to study, research, and analyze what's working, why it's working, and how can you make it even better.
Then, incorporate it with your own unique approach creating a New Mechanism that carves out your own special angle.
This is how Russell does it, how I help my clients do it (https://wuyenhsu.com/apply), and how you should be doing it.

One thing you’ll never get back

Recently, I'm undergoing a change of lifestyle...
Since I'll be on the move from now on, spending lots of time traveling about, one of the urgent tasks is to declutter and get rid of my stuff...
Since I've been living in the Bay Area for over 7 years now, I have quite a bit.
Here's what I can do...
1) Put everything on garage sale:
I'll probably make a few bucks but the majority of things will go unwanted into the dumpster due to a tight deadline. Also, it's going to take a much longer process.
2) Giveaway everything to those who needed, for free:
Obviously, I won't make any money from getting rid of my things but I'll save a few because I don't need to schedule someone to haul the rest away. It's quick, it's efficient, and it's hassle-free.
Most people go with option #1 because there's an obvious win - the little cash. However, there is a hidden cost as well.
The time.
My opinion: Time is the most valuable resource we have and also the only resource that can never be replenished. Other resources - like money, energy, or mental power - can always be replenished by time, but never vice versa.
As a business owner, the cost is magnitude.
Ask yourself...
If you're performing at your peak, focusing on what you're best at, and doing the most valuable tasks to grow your business, what is an hour REALLY worth for you?
Do you know?
(If not, time to find out...)
Sure, there are always things you can "do for free by yourself" and save a few bucks, but you just might be paying out a stunning total in time without noticing.
Just like writing emails and creating sales videos that convert.
Is it essential? Absolutely.
Does it make money? Without a doubt.
Is it really the best use of YOUR time? Questionable.
So time to find out what is the absolute best use (& value) of your time and outsource everything else to professionals who can maximize the value of your time.


P.S. If you want to work together on a project, the first step is a quick, free 30 minutes "Discovery" call: https://wuyenhsu.com/apply

How to be more confident

If you've ever read books about self-development (or the art of influence), you've probably heard the saying:
"Success is all about the mindset."

...The right mindset also happens to be the first two modules for every marketing and business related online course.
It's true.
I remember my mentor, Lukas Resheske, told us during one of our first meetings that the most important skill you can acquire as a copywriter is the ability to be confident. 
The confidence to deliver a good copy. The confidence to learn what needs to be learned quickly. And the confidence to declare what you're good at...along with...what you're NOT good at.
"This kind of confidence is what gives your clients the power to get better success in implementing what you advise them."
But how do you become more confident?
Most guroos make it sound like you can wake up one day, make up your mind, turn on a switch, and you're a master of confident mindset once and for all...
Total BS!  If it was that easy, everyone would have mastered it by now. So here's a more solid approach: 
Create a "success path" of small wins leading up to greater wins.
Yes, IMHO, there's no better way to master your mindset and build your confidence by winning, a lot.
Just like your emails.
If you're not confident in what you do, the value you provide, the knowledge you have, it's destined to show through your words.
And the best way to build your confidence muscle in writing (& sending) better emails?
...Is by writing more and analyzing the result, often.
You'll flop when you first start...and...you'll flop a little less...and soon...you'll be getting small wins...then...bigger wins.
And that's the not-everyone-wants-to-hear secret to becoming more confident in your emails (and everything else you do). 
Now, if you're not sure where to start, here's a good place:

The Three Africas coffee beans

There are only a few things I always bring with me when flying back to Taiwan...
Each time I fly, I pack with me 2 lbs of Blue Bottle's Three Africas coffee beans. The funny thing is I don't drink coffee and I've only had this particular type once in my life...

...and absolutely loathe the taste.
It's a sourly coffee with a super strong tail.
The first (and only) time I had it I almost spit it out immediately. But the reason I bring it every time is because my brother absolutely loves it.
It's like daily meditation for him. He can't start a day's work without having a cup first. One first thing in the morning and another right after lunch. To him, it's like switching on the light to start working. 
And this is the fun part about writing emails, or marketing in general. What someone hates could very well be another's favorite. 
So find YOUR market...
Understand their primary desire, fear, and need...
And master the reaction, emotion, and logic behind how and why they make their purchase decision. 
Doing this creates YOUR unique flavor for YOUR target market.
So instead of brewing coffee with no personality (going broad because you try to please everyone), go specifically with something only a special niche will LOVE.
This is my humble advice for any business owners who are afraid they'll make someone angry. 
You can check out this free workshop (https://wuyenhsu.com/apply) while you brew up your own unique flavor profile.

To-do list isn’t what they want

At least for your clients, to-do list doesn't attract sales.
Last week, I came across an email from one of my mentor, Ben Settle, and the email gave me an unexpected insight. Pulled straight from the brilliantest email mastermind...
People care about what a dog can bring into their lives - the company, the cuddle, and the love - but could care less about the academical background of the species.
Interesting insight. 
Most marketers treat email as a means of communication on WHAT THEY DO. Therefore, each email explains in details on the smartest strategies they use, the cool new technique, the untold secret of how smart they are... 
They, they, they... *threw up in my mouth* 
In other words, it's all just a glorified to-do list of the service they provide or product they sell.
The truth?
This is completely useless and irrelevant to the clients' eyes. Even during times where the prospects claim they want to see your strategies, their motivation is not-so-obvious.
They don't need and don't care about any of the tasks you perform. Your fancy strategy? Has nothing to do with them. The only thing they've ever cared about is the RESULT. 
Perhaps you cold call...
Maybe you set up funnels...
You could even be running live events and shaking 1,000 new hands to provide them the new leads they want...
So what?
Whatever you do, the means to get the result doesn't matter.
Any single bit.
Because it's always the "what-it-does list" they care about, not the "to-do list". Copywriting is without exception all about what it does. 
So let's keep it simple, too.
If you could care less about the technical details but want to double your revenue with the existing email list you have, without spending an extra dollar on advertising, check this out:


How to score higher on dating sites

I always emphasize...
The art and science of picking up a date are not much different from getting a new client. So let's see how we can translate some of Elite Daily's Tindering tips into marketing tips.
1. Wear red in your pictures
It turns out, women are attracted to men who are bold, aggressive, and stand out among the others. So wearing a color that displays confidence draws attention. 
Marketing Translation: Stand out, be bold, and don't be afraid to show your aggressive toward your mission. Then you'll naturally attract people's attention.
2. Focus on clothes that fit & groom yourself

Your first impression matters, a lot.
Are you tidy? Do you care about how you look? How much time and thought do you put into yourself?
The fact is people don't spend a lot of time swiping right (or left) on Tinder. So the vibe you show off make or break the deal within seconds, while the actual look has little effect.
Marketing Translation: Your prospects spend just a few short seconds to decide whether they grant you their attention or continue wasting time on Face-like-Book. So your first impression is essential to cause an immediate reaction. 
3. Keep it simple

There's nothing wrong about poetic talents of yours. But the truth is it often turns people off. So to be brutally honest with you... 
Women could care less about how intellectually impressive you are upon the first impression. It's more a matter of how likable are you. So keep it simple with friendly language.
Marketing Translation: Don't try to be witty. Don't act to be the genius. And don't announce yourself as the single smart guy in the room and insist on using jargon people could care less about. This just makes you look ignorant. Instead, use simple language, friendly words, and you'll become more likable as a human being.
Let's keep it tight. 
Of course, this list is far from complete. I talk about the other important dating (& marketing) tips here:


How to get more referrals

Here's a good one:
"Dear Wu, how can I get more referral for my service? ...Ideally referrals for GOOD clients."
Since most service providers get 80% of their new businesses from referrals and word-of-mouth, it's without a doubt a big part of the game. But to answer the question, ask yourself this...
Do you know what's the one thing in common between Febreze air-freshener, Chiropractic, and a crying baby?
Odd question, I know.
But the not-so-hidden secret to getting more referrals lies within the commonality of these three seemingly unrelated things.
If you haven't heard about the story behind Febreze...
When Febreze was first invented, it did one thing - remove all smell from the surrounding environment. It is an air-freshener and it did its job well.
But there's a problem. 

No one seems to think it's "necessary".
Because people who live in the smelly environment quickly adapt to ignore the smell completely. Hence there is no "urgency" to use an air-freshener.
The fact you remove a smell might be obvious to those around them, but no real outstanding result for those who're supposed to use it (aka the real customers)
So to emphasize the result, Febreze intentionally added a scent to its ingredients. This way it creates a "refreshing smell" after used and presents a noticeable result.
Chiropractic is similar, although not by intention. 

The crack on the spine gives an instant feedback that something had been fixed. It gives the patient a noticeable understanding of before v.s. after the practice.
This is feedback you'll never have by just taking a pill.
Again, the same for crying baby.
Any parent would happily give-in anything just to get the positive feedback of "no longer crying" from their baby. 
The untold but not-so-hidden secret should be obvious by now. If you haven't spotted it or you have a hard time wrapping your head around how to implement, then go here:
Because one of the many benefits this system provides is to highly boost your chance of getting referrals from clients you enjoy working with.

The pilot’s checklist

A while back I had a small chat with a pilot friend.
He told me that every pilot, regardless of how experienced you are, has multiple checklists for every task they perform. Starting from take-off all the way till they land, there are dozens of controls to go through.
And it's not just for the normal process but for all unnormal events as well.
When they go through each of the lists, they're not only mentally reviewing what's on it but also verbally repeating to the other crews to confirm each "check".
Even for things they do every single day, 15 times a month...
But why?
Because the human brain is quite brilliant in automatically filling up the gaps. When we run through a process in our mind, our brain tends to auto-check items that we subconsciously know but didn't complete this time around.
In fact, the more familiar we are with a certain task, the easier it is for the mind to fill up the gap when we missed it.
So as an agency, you must have your own checklist in place.
The checklist to validate ideal clients.
Every business should have a red velvet rope defining who they work with - the type of clients, characteristics, qualifications, context, and goals.
If any one of the items go unchecked? They shouldn't be allowed to take-off with this new client.
This is the safety precocious to make sure their clients get the absolute best quality while guarantee the project doesn't make their life a living hell.
Here's my checklist for agencies who want more clients, make more money, and grow their business with their email list:



P.S. If you want to work together on a project, the first step is a quick, free 30 minutes "Discovery" call: https://wuyenhsu.com/apply

Pixar’s latest strategy for 93% Rotten Tomatoes

If you're looking for more clients without spending more money on Face-like-book or old-school networking...
Here's the secret: Look for the goldmine in your backyard.
Yes, it's great (and important) to have a funnel or pipeline to turn paid traffic into new clients, but technically speaking - new clients are expensive. 
According to Frederick Reicheld of Bain & Company, it's 700% more expensive to acquire a new client than to retain an old one.
But what is the #1 biggest reason why old clients aren't coming back for more?
Surprisingly, it's not because the quality of your service but whether or not you remind them to.
While good quality service is pretty much a given for returning clients, it's simply not enough. You have to stay top of mind awareness (TOMA).
Which is why I was amazed by Pixar's latest presell marketing strategy for their Incredible 2 movie.
It's been 14 years since the first movie and most audiences only vaguely remember what it's about. So Pixar inserted a small clip right before the movie with Samuel L. Jackson, Holly Hunter, and a few other stars to introduce the new movie.
They thank everyone for coming, apologize for the 14 years wait, recap what happened in the previous one, and open up for the new movie.
Instantly, everyone is back on track where they left off. Now, it's a true SEQUEL and everyone is on-board.
In my opinion, this smart move subconsciously contributes to the 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. 
So it's your turn.
How can you keep yourself TOMA and bring back your old clients' memories of the outstanding experience working with you so they'll remember to reach out for your service again?
If you don't have a system yet, here's one that works incredibly:

How getting naked gets you more clients

A question I get a lot:
"How do I get my audience to engage or pay more attention to my emails...when they're getting 237 emails a day already?"
Good one.
So I remember watching one of Graham Norton Show...
The guest was Chris Pratt and he was describing how he got naked and went full nude for an episode of Parks and Rec, Season 2. He did it because he wanted to get the real emotion - shockingly stunned - from Amy Poehler's face.
(And sure, that was the actual take for the episode *wink*)
So you're asking, "How to get my audiences' attention?"
Learn how to get naked in front of them. 
Of course, I'm not telling you to strip nude and send deek pic through your daily emails, that'll be taking it too far. I'm talking about getting naked with your emotion.
Don't be afraid to be vulnerable.
Open up with your flaws and weaknesses, and stop being the "perfect hero" for once so that you'll audience can start resonating with you - as a human being.
To your audience, you become someone who truly understands their pains, fears, desires, and goals. Now you're someone who they can trust.
With that being said, don't forget to check out:

Customer isn’t always right

I don't know who came up with the quote:
"Customer is always right."
Because it's definitely NOT right and could throw you widely off the right track. In fact, most businesses who follow this policy often find themselves like a dog chasing their own tail - spinning in circles without getting anywhere.
Here's the thing... 
Most customers don't know what they want. It doesn't even matter what they swear to be true...and they're not trying to lie. 
Simply put, human beings are terrible in "predicting" what they really want.
Designers who blindly obey their clients' request often get complains about how crappy the designs are.
...Even when it's 100% of the clients' description.
As a professional, it's your job to stand your ground and understand that you're the authority, not your clients.
It is your responsibility to use your knowledge, experience, and know-how to better guide your clients in the right direction. And yes, sometimes this means saying no to your clients' requests.
This is why I never "sell off the website" but require a "Discovery" call to get to know my clients, find out their goals, and customize the best option for them.
So if you're tired of paying for copywriting projects that turn out completely different from what you expected...even though it seems to "match your initial request", I'd recommend you find a professional who's ready to be brutally honest with you...
...And perhaps even turn you down when it's not the right fit: 

What’s the deal with cryptocurrency?

Last week, I was playing catch up on John Oliver's Last Week Tonight Show and I came across an episode on Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin seems to be the hottest thing nowadays.

It's obviously the biggest "get insanely rich overnight" dream since the subprime mortgage more than a decade ago. Heck, last time I checked, 1 BTC equals to $6,614 USD...

Here's the scary part...

You know a market is getting out of control when titcoin, Trumpcoin, Jesuscoin, DeepOnion, electroneum, and even Dogecoin come true...

...Yeah, Dogecoin is a real thing which reaches a value of $2 billion within a year.

But when you ask around:

"What exactly is this new Crypto-thingy?" 

"Dude, it's the FUTURE! Get in quick and buy some NOW! You'll make tons of money or you'll be missing out."

Bla bla bla...

Everyone is telling you to jump on board but no one seems to really know why and what they're actually investing in.

Most of these opportunity seekers have no clue about the technology behind everything, how it operates, why is there even a value, and how can they actually make money...

They're all acting on the irrational fear of missing out (FOMO).

This is the golden rule of all marketing.

People don't buy because of the feature but because of the primary desire promised behind the benefits.

  • Greed: The desire to get MORE.
  • Sloth: The desire for EASY money.
  • Pride: The desire to look COOL.
  • Envy: The desire to win the NEXT BIG THING.

So that's at least 4 out of the 7 deadly sins...no wonder it's such a big deal right now. And this is also your opportunity.

No, I'm not talking about charging Bitcoin for your service...I'm talking about getting crystal clear about your market's primary desire and leveraging the power to make a ton more money.

Great marketing doesn't have to come with perfect grammar or 0.01% top English speaker. Great marketing is created by capturing the emotion behind your prospects' desire and fear.

So go find out YOURS.

In the meantime, you can check this out: https://wuyenhsu.com/apply


The 4% fat tax

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine visited the Ghirardelli Square.
The castle-like chocolate factory based in San Francisco has become a renown tourist sight-seeing spot where people get fatter every day.
When you get to the counter, you'll notice something interesting.
The store is subjected by the California Health Department to a 4% unhealthy food tax, or you can call it the getting fat tax.
It's fascinating.
Because let's be honest here. In this country, where better dessert equals piling more sugar, Ghirardelli is by no means the fattest or the sweetest food in California. 
(For one, I know the Napa Wine Train comes with a dessert five times sweeter than any sundae or hot chocolate here.)
But why don't we see the same notice elsewhere?
Here's my theory:
Because Ghirardelli knows their target market.
These are people who're here for a treat. To satisfy their sweet tooth and are ready to go all out regardless of the calories. So the sign of "truly fat" is a compliment to their food.
Instead of hiding the tax on the receipt and risk being called out later, they exposed their "biggest weakness" and turn it around as a powerful "benefit".
For those who are here to eat healthily?
They'll never eat a large-size, extra brownie hot fudge sundae (with lots of whip cream on top) anyway. They simply aren't the ideal customers.
But for those who want one...
A sign claiming how the government is going after this "evil dessert" because of how sweet and delicious it is - that's the best story to share.
Now, back to your business...
There will be (and must have) certain flaws in your strategy, your solution, and your products. 
The so-call "catch". 
In fact, your clients are expecting it, even if you try to hide it.
So instead of avoiding and hiding the fact, expose your catch and use it to create controversy, buzz, and trust with your prospects. 
And this is one thing I help my clients with...
To create daily infotainment emails so they can use stories to turn their "catch" into a unique advantage that separates them from each and every competitors.
Of course, my service comes with its own catch, like this:

Don’t run Facebook ad until you’ve read this

Without a doubt, every business should be advertising.
Because having a system that can predictably turn $1 of paid advertising into $2, $3, or even $10 dollar of return is the most reliable way to scale a business.
But rushing into Facebook advertising just because everyone is doing it is a sure-plan for failure.

I still remember the first time I launched a paid campaign...
I was hosting a virtual summit in the lifestyle, self-development market. I spent 6 months preparing the event, interviewing over 2-dozen guest speakers, creating 40ish web pages, setting up an affiliate center, and writing all kind of advertising campaigns.

During the event, about a third of the speakers helped me promote and I collected a couple thousands of new email subscribers during one event.
And then I made the dumbest mistake...
I had no plan for what's next.
So naturally, when I hustle to pull stuff together, my hard-earned list went cold. Before I could make any real money, the time and advertising I spent went straight down the drain. 
Talking about overnight success.
So to help you avoid the same mistake (and stop making only Mark Zuckerberg rich), here are two things you need to do BEFORE you spend another dollar on advertising:
First off, you need to have something to offer.
It doesn't matter the type of campaign. Lead magnet, virtual summit, guest blogging, or the promotion of any type of content.
You're not here just to build an email list.

You're here to get clients and make money. (Own it)
And the big secret: You can't if you don't have an offer. (surprise)
No, it doesn't have to be an 8-week course or an on-going membership. It could be something as simple as a free strategy session where you attract people to become paying clients.

Not the sexiest offer but an offer nonetheless.

Secondly, you need an engagement strategy.
Because once you have people on your email list, you have just a few days before the list cold off and forget about you. 

If you don't stay top of mind, you're better off spending the advertising budget on some good meals because at least you get to enjoy the food.
(Non-Hint: The cheapest and most effective way to engage and cultivate your new subscribers is to send daily emails.)  
Now, your turn ...

Are you getting ready to run some Facebook advertising?
If so, do you have an offer plus your daily emails ready? If not, perhaps I can help, or not. The only way to find out is here:


The fireman’s job as a consultant

Back in 2012, when I first became a consultant I was told...

"The job of a consultant is all about putting out fires. You'll be juggling 8 to 10  different projects any given time and there's no way you can be on top of them all. So here's what you do..."

"You do the minimum work to keep each project afloat and put out the most immediate fire each day."

Of course, that's total bs.

No business should be operating this way and it's a guaranteed plan for bad quality.

But on the other hand, it's not surprising why most consultants work their butts off like firemen putting out fires each day...

Because the job is unpredictable, in all aspects.

For client source, most consultants rely on the phone to ring by luck instead of having a steady stream of prospects to pick from. 

No wonder most consultants accept ANY clients that come their way because they don't know if the phone will ring again that week. But to make it worse...

Because most of these are non-fit clients, they tend to take up extra time, energy, and mental space while other clients suffer the consequence.

So how do we stop being a fireman? 

By having a system (https://wuyenhsu.com/apply) that brings in a consistent flow of pre-qualified prospects so you can only talk to people who are a potential right fit and work with only the ideal clients.

Of course, no system is 100% fail-safe.

It can't guarantee that you'll never run into another a-hole but it sure will take most of the weight off your shoulder, stop the hamster wheel of putting out fires, and give you the freedom to fire bad clients easily.

Find out more here: https://wuyenhsu.com/​apply


The Lucky Friday the 13th

Same time last week, it was Friday the 13th.

Since Middle Age, the number 13 is widely known as the "unlucky number" in Western Superstition. Burned witches, dead knights, blah blah...

But today, Friday the 13th has a new face!

If you head onto Amazon, you'll notice there are a lot of Friday the 13th special discount. Yes, the unlucky day has become the lucky day for businesses.

Important lesson:

People love to buy, as long as you give them a reason to. Call it whatever you want, consumerism or twisted financial management, but it's without a doubt the golden age for all businesses.

So if you're wondering why you're past clients aren't coming back, it's most likely because you haven't given them a reason.

Go create a new holiday - like Singles Day in China.

Go leverage an existing one - like Black Friday.

Or twist and revive an urban myth to bring in new opportunities - like Friday the 13th.

Of course, there's no better way to directly reach your past clients and invite them back for the new opportunity with email marketing like this https://wuyenhsu.com/apply.



P.S. Bonus lesson...

What's unlucky for one culture may vary widely for another. For example, the Satan's number 666 is known to be the BEST number in Chinese culture.

Just like how you're in luck with this offer (https://wuyenhsu.com/apply) just a week after Friday the 13th.

Mad cow disease in the online marketing world

Mad cow disease first happened in the 1970's.
Even though it's rare (< 1,000 cases in the whole US rare) but the fact that it's deadly within weeks of attack and the risk of dying due to a juicy ribeye is terrifying.

...It also had a global financial impact on US beef export. 

But here's something most people don't know:

The cause of mad cow disease is from cows eating cows!

Yup, the lesion is due to farmers feeding food that contains bone meal as a source of protein to living cows. In other words, it's a disease of cannibalism.

Disgusting, but unfortunately, pretty common in the online marketing world these days.

Marketers who aren't "doing the stuff" come out publicly teaching other people the ideas they picked up on a marketing book yesterday. 

And the students who spend all there saving on the course had to find a way to make money quick...voila, by teaching more people the same idea they are learning today.

The food chain continues to grow, creating a marketing cannibalism where each marketer is feeding upon each other with no real implementation outside the make money online info product world.

The end result?
A deadly mad cow disease that'll eventually kill all trust in the market and create a panic. 

If you're not trying to create just another cow-based bone meal but looking for healthy, long-term nutrition, this is for you:



Fat eating experiment

The traditional food pyramid says:

"You need to eat 55 - 75% carbohydrates, 10 - 15% protein, and fill up the rest with fruit and vegetable. Most important of all, eat as little fat as possible."

But is it true? And is it true for EVERYONE?

If so, why has the obesity problem in the US continue to rise since the "food pyramid nutrition guideline" was first published back in 1992?

And why are some people, including myself, feeling so much better on a HIGH-FAT diet?

Here's a little secret about myself...

I've been on a fat eating experiment since Dec 2017 where I'm filling up 75 - 80% of my daily nutrition with healthy fat.

Result: I lost 20 lbs in just the first 3 months on this high fat, moderate protein, and low carb diet.

(aka the Keto Diet)

And it's not just the weight...

It's the clarity of mind, daily energy, and no more craving for sugary junk food or soft drinks...

Now, no one is saying that a high-fat diet is for everyone. 

That's not the purpose of this email. But here's something to think about: Yes, human beings have been "eating food" since we exist but the "science of food" is relatively young with much to learn. 

In fact, there's little scientific research "proofing" that our traditional carb-based diet is even healthy.

Same as any new (or old) marketing strategy...

There are 6 billion people in the world and every single one of them is different. Why would any nutrition guideline (or marketing strategy) be a one-size-fits-all option?

Even if some big-name guroos or random blog posts claim certain things are must-dos, there's no proof they are the best option for YOU. 

Heck, it might not even be true in the first place.

Most of the "marketing tips" you get online are some sort of marketing incest (hat tip to Dan Kennedy for the name) where Jon teaches Mary, Mary writes a post read by Russ, and Russ comes back to share the breaking news with Jon.


Jon uses Mary's post as a proof and interviews Russ for more information...where in the end, none of them ACTUALLY tried it on their business.

So let me share with you a better way for your business...

Treat every marketing tips with 20x times suspicion and conduct your own little experiment. Let the result speak for itself.

Just like how fat got me thinner.



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