Apple became a list business 23 years ago

January 9, 2001, was a tipping point for Apple and the music industry.

At the time, most record labels struggled to survive – losing money due to Internet piracy. 

But 23 years ago, Apple launched a new platform called – 


iTunes was able to cultivate a list of music lovers…

People who not only appreciate music but also are willing to spend money “buying music.” This helped iTunes become the premier marketplace for music…

…making it profitable for major record labels to sell their content

…and allowing Apple to sell companion products like iPods down the road.

And this is the power of owning a List.

– You can build a community

– You can attract partnerships

– You can sell other products in the backend

– You can run a campaign and bring in quick moolah

The bottom line: 

When you own a list, there are infinite ways to generate profit for your business.

So, make list building the #1 priority for your business in 2024.

(and you can send me a thank you note later)

Cheering for you,