Anything that can go wrong will go wrong

Imagine this:

You’re nestled cozily on an inviting couch.

The fabric is soft and brushes gently against your skin. The temperature of the cushions feels just right… surrounding you like a warm hug.

The soft glowing lamp dimly lights the room…

And you’re sound asleep, protected by the walls from all the hustle and bustle outside. Until suddenly…

A 7-inch, 8.5-pound meteorite crashes through the roof…

It bounces off a radio and strikes you on the hip!!


“Wait, what?!”

“That’s impossible!!”

But even the most impossible thing CAN happen…

On December 1, 1954, the first modern instance of a space rock striking a human being happened to a poor lady in Alabama.

(Fortunately, she wasn’t severely hurt…)

The moral of the story?

Sometimes, bad things happen – and often without any warning.

To give you a personal example:

My first job after graduation was as a Mechanical Engineering consultant.

I was good at it, working closely under an associate principal and passing my P.E. license exam within two years.

And suddenly, in 2015, everything changed.

Illness. Surgeries. Family conditions.

Long story short – I had to switch tracks completely (and fast!).

These kinds of changes will be 10 times more rapid when you’re building your own business.

Algorithms changing overnight…

Profitable ads stop working without a reason…

Market shift due to new technology…

It’s like Murphy’s Law, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong…”

…and often at the worst possible time.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to remove bottlenecks, build redundancy, and invest in long-term assets that can protect your business from these kinds of unwanted changes.

That said, one of the best assets you can invest in is…

An email list of raving fans.

Not only is it a Profit Engine that’s independent of social media platforms (which you have little control over), but also…

It allows you to exit the business with a much higher evaluation.

(Hey, it’s one of the key questions they always ask on Shark Tank. 😉)

So, start building & nurturing your list today.

Enjoy the adventure,
– Wuyen

Tip Of The Day:

A healthy email list should be able to generate $10~$30 per subscriber per month. This gives you a solid foundation to face any curveball coming your way.