an email marketing strategy that’s elegantly simple yet effective

Have you heard of Hainanese Chicken Rice?

It’s a mouth-watering Singapore/Malaysian street food that’s elegantly simple – with only two main ingredients:

Chicken + Rice

While the chicken is juicy and tender… the real star is the rice!

The rice is first stir-fried with garlic and ginger to give it the depth (aka “guoqi”). Then, you finish cooking the rice with bay leaf and chicken stock.


Instead of plain water, the rice is cooked with chicken stock, so every grain bursts with umami. It’s like an Asian-style risotto.

(I think my wife loves the rice even more than the chicken)

And this is also a great email marketing strategy.


Of course, you don’t cook it with chicken stock…


But you do want to keep your strategy as simple as possible.

After working with multiple 6 to 7-figure e-commerces (plus one 9-figure ecom), here’s my go-to plan:

  • MAP out one main promotion per month
  • MONETIZE with 4 to 7 broadcasts each week
  • MONITOR for winning emails plus deliverability
  • MULTIPLY profit by repurposing emails as flow, ads, and socials.

I call this process the 4M Strategy.

It’s only 4 simple steps… with nuance in the detail.

Just like the chicken stock for the rice. 😉

Now, you can go try it out yourself…

…or find someone to help you implement it to avoid trial & error.

Cheering for you,